Much is made of the importance of one’s honor, that which over a lifetime you have worked and crafted more with deeds than words. But what if someone embarrasses you, or rapes you or tarnishes your public face attempting to take away that honor? What if they succeed in the publics’ eye, have they bested you?

black and white honor

It is my belief that no one may take your honor or dignity until you give it over willingly. Honor is about the strength of character and the persistence to see your vision of the world around you be done regardless the spurs and thorns of others, and being true to that code which guides you there. Man or woman, child or adult, our convictions define us, and our actions prove or disprove that statement over our days. No amount of ill will or bullshit can take away those deeds which make you who you are. Stay strong in this world that will test us all. Be your truest self.

Live your life. Be present in it. Don’t try to make everyone like you; it isn’t possible. Allow yourself to come to terms with your past so you can be the strongest, best version of you now and into the future. The people who see that in you and respond to it will be the best friends, family, and lovers you will ever have. Promise.

live in the present

Now, for you few that have what I don’t, that go where I haven’t done what that I can’t… none of these things makes you better than me. In reality, these things, these “advantages” that you squander should make you a better, well-rounded and more interesting person. Instead, it makes you a vain and selfish creature that is beneath me when you attempt to label me a lesser person. Your character declares you worthy of neither my notice or respect, only my pity.

God made all of us capable of respect, character, and honor. BUT IT MUST BE EARNED BY OUR ACTIONS.