Success is no accident. It is a result of constant efforts, great endeavors, and at the same time, being realistic. However, being realist doesn’t mean one should stop dreaming. Because where there are no dreams, there is no life!

The story of Brittany Michalchuk will unfold how having a vision in life with enduring belief could help in achieving everything one dreams. Once diagnosed with ADD and ADHA, today Brittany is on the peak of her career. She is multitalented and worked hard not just to overcome her shortcomings but also to face the criticism and bullies coming from society.

Brittany Michalchuk
Photographer: Mauricio Flores

Brittany Michalchuk is marketing and branding expert, powerful transformational coach, keynote speaker, CEO, and a very successful entrepreneur. Today, her story inspires hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. She is a living motivation and helping people to pursue their passion, follow their dreams, and achieve what they really want. Today, her successful, vibrant life has overshadowed what she has been through in her past.

You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!

Brittany, in spite of being told that she will fail miserably in her life, stands still. She never let other’s opinion about her define her worth. With a clear vision to follow her dreams and achieve them, she challenged herself, pushed a little harder and cross the milestones of success one by one.

Brittany Michalchuk

Brittany had a thirst for knowledge and learning. She chucked off the world telling her she would never amount to anything and proved that her belief in herself is bigger than anything else. ‘You’ve got to stay strong, to be strong in life.’ With this thought in mind, she kept learning, educating herself, and breaking all the stereotypes.

Brittany got a degree in Finance and started her first business venture when she was just 19. With the commencement of her entrepreneurship journey at a very young age, in spite of everything, she was determined enough to get success.

When Brittany was a kid, she used to paint the rocks and sell them door to door. Later, she moved on to buying beanie babies and selling them at a profit. She was a business minded lady. At the age when children play, Brittany used to collect the Pokemon cards and sell the rare ones at a profit, something which no one could even think of. It continued when she grew up, which is why today she build her own empire.

Brittany Michalchuk

Brittany is a high-performance coach and a marketing consultant for entrepreneurs and coaches. She works with top performers and entrepreneurs and helps them build their empire through effective branding and online marketing. She is the missing piece for their puzzle. With honesty and sincere work ethics, she always gives more than 100%. Her motto is under promise, over deliver!

She is a social media ninja and works with some of the biggest brands in this world to bring out their special talent and propel their sale like a rocket. Her clients often refer to her as their “secret weapon.” With her capabilities, she is building her own legacy and helped countless of CEO to unleash their true powers. She is one of the most heartfelt and engaging leaders in today’s world.

Life shows many dark moments, and it is out of this darkness that we often find our greatest beauties and strength.

As per Brittany, “The key to success is how bad you want it. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way. If you don’t, you are going to find excuses.”

Brittany Michalchuk

She believes that it doesn’t matter what people think about you if you make conscious efforts towards your goal, live in integrity, be a good person, work hard and have the firm determination + right focus. One can easily harness the power of allowing your own perception to be the only perception you look at.

Brittany is usually seen as a speaker in mega-events across North America. Keep an eye on her to learn, leash, and know how to overcome your insecurities, fight against the odds and emerge as an inspiration for all.

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