It is that time of the year again when I’ll be turning a year older. And like last year, and the year before, I will be sharing whatever I have learned in life, till date. If you are interested in my last year’s post, you may check it out here – 19 Things I Learned by Age 19. These blog posts contain small life lessons learned by a young guy, currently living his PRE-LIFE. (As I call it)

Since there is still some time left for my birthday, I have decided to share 35 brutal truth about life, instead of 20 Life Lessons. Don’t worry, 20 Life Lessons will be published on the 19th of July.

Enough talks about me. Lets’ now jump onto the topic. So, here we go with the 35 brutal truths of life, which nobody wants to talk about. But, let us be real and accept these realities…

35 Brutal Truths About Life That No Book Will Tell You

35 Brutal Truths About Life That No One Will Tell You

1. Everyone is chasing the money, but we are made to believe money doesn’t matter.

2. If you want to shine like a diamond, you’ve got to get cut like a diamond.

3. Your appearance makes a difference.

4. Allowing your emotions to control your life will fuck you up.

5. Being kind to everyone won’t get you anything great in life.

6. Life is not fair – no one owes you anything!

7. You are responsible for your happiness, no one else.

8. Money can buy happiness.

9. Everyone wears a mask, except when sleeping.

10. You’ll be judged. Permanently and by everyone.

11. Money, fame, and success – can make you happy.

12. People will only be interested in what they can take from you.

13. Some people are just not meant to stay in your life, no matter how bad you want them to.

14. People leave, memories don’t.

15. The past has already been written, but if you read it again and again, the next sheet of paper from your life will remain empty.

16. Never be afraid to love; be afraid that you will be loved.

17. Many people are together, but not in love, while others are in love, but not together.

18. The word “forever” is overrated – no one is happy or unhappy forever.

19. Half the population of our planet trying to lose weight, while the other half is dying of hunger.

20. People will try to ruin your happiness, just because they cannot find their own.

21. If you have a smiling face and a crying heart, you have probably grown up.

22. Once you feel rejected by someone, never bother them again.

23. The one who loves you the most can hurt you the most.

24. Hard times are mostly a blessing in disguise.

25. Somewhere between hello and goodbye, we have learned to live our lives.

26. Somewhere between dreams and reality, we live our life.

27. We focus on what we are losing instead of what we really need.

28. Almost no one practices what they preach.

29. You can give them another chance, or you can drop them off and give yourself a better chance.

30. Being busy doesn’t mean that you are doing anything great.

31. Somewhere Between Spoken words And Unexpressed feelings, we all misunderstood Love.

32. You will have very few real friends, no matter what you do for others.

33. The most delicious bites are most deadly.

34. You cannot please everyone.

35. There will always be someone better than you.


One day you will die, and it will be all be over. Think about this…


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