Like the crispy clear waters of a mountain stream, these sparkling personality types flow through the rhythms of our lives.   They seem to merrily pass over the pebbles and rocks in their paths with joyful abandon, while others are still struggling to find their way around the obstacles of life. 

They recharge their batteries in the quiet solitude of their own space and time and peaceful moments – mostly unseen by other mortals because when they are out and about, they exude energy and passion with the sheer joy of being alive.


What may be inside a truly bubbling personality?

A genuine bubbly person is a caring person, who wants to share their joy and natural love with everybody.  They generally enjoy what they do, and openly confess and share when they do not. They may see stumbling blocks in the light of what could possibly be a reward after overcoming such a difficulty. If they are caught in a difficult, hurtful, or just plain hard-to-bear situation, they tackle the job of getting through it as quickly as possible with single-minded concentration. I should know because I am one of them …

They acknowledge and recognize problems, but with the realization that this too will pass, and choose not to dwell on the actual unpleasantness of it.  Instead, they identify what they can do to overcome the pain, the frustration, the anger, the shock, and follows through with their inbuilt – or acquired – mental ability to overcome the situation. With a life-changing event that has no solutions or answers that they can contribute to, a bubbling personality will accept that situation, and move through it with determination, trying to drag all involved with them. They know that regrets and wishes for it to be over are just a waste of time!

Psychologists in the previous century called this method of overcoming by bubbling, sparkling people the Pollyanna syndrome, after a fictionally character created by a children’s author.  This orphaned little girl, Pollyanna, was taught by her father from a very early age to look for only the positive in every situation. They – the analysts – first saw it as an escape from reality, an inability to comprehend danger or negative challenges. After much more in-depth research, they realized that the difference is that most of the positive bubbly people do recognize the negative and painful situations in life, but they have an innate or learned skill to handle or come to terms with such an unchangeably bad situation, in a constructive manner through positive actions and attitudes.

Some bubbly sparkling persons may sometimes be hiding pain behind a laughing, boisterous exuberant exterior. They can be recognized because, unlike a genuine bubbling personality type whose sparkle springs from joyful inner peace, they cannot cope with being alone at times.  They must always have an audience. A naturally happy person will share their pain with the right people, and then they move on to sparkle again.

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How do you recognize a person with a bubbling Personality? 

Have you ever noticed when you walk into a crowded room or a social gathering, there is always a crowd gathered somewhere around someone? Everyone in the crowd is laughing or smiling, and their attention is focused on something or someone, but you cannot see from where you are who or what their focal point is.

As you draw nearer to the bubbling laughter, you can’t help yourself being mesmerized by the person who has the crowd in the palm of their hand, listening attentively to what is being said. 

Someone is capturing all their attention, but who is that someone?

Is the person a famous actor, a singer, a celebrity, an athlete, a well-known business personality?

You ask the person standing next to you, and they respond with an innocence that they don’t really know who the person is, but the energy flowing from every word he says is so invigorating that they could not help but start to listen too.

The realization is instant, this is the type of person that lights up a room. The person that points out the rainbow on a rainy day. The person that sees the fireflies in the moonlight and captures the essence and balance of nature’s harmony and beauty.

This is the person that laughs with genuine delight, the eternal optimist, the brightest star in the sky. They have an inner peace that comes from knowing who they are and where they are going. They live with purpose. Yes, there will be obstacles, but those are simply smaller things to overcome on the road to happiness.

You become captivated, fascinated, hypnotized by the lilt in the voice, the glimpse of eyes that are filled with genuine love of life and love of people. This is an open honesty that is released into the atmosphere for all to inhale and share in a moment of pleasure.

Another fact about a bubbly personality is that their love of all living things is genuine and from the heart. Please remember that, although they do most of the talking, they sincerely mean it when they ask how you are. They ask because they are really interested in your answer, and not as a rhetorical question or out of curiosity. 


Learn to have a bubbling Personality

Wait a minute! Are you serious? First, ask yourself a fundamental question. Do you really want to change your personality, or would you rather just overcome a relatively small part of your it that may be causing you discomfort? Something that you feel is lacking, or is making you unhappy? Remember that each of us are perfect in our own uniqueness.  But to laugh more, sparkle more, be more joyful, even when you are sad or an introvert by nature, is a worthy goal that will make your life easier if your current style makes you unhappy.

The main issue here will be to identify the cause of your quietness, trepidation, or loneliness. Most often it is seated in fear, a conscious or more probably a subconscious fear – fear of ridicule, fear that you may not be liked, fear that you won’t succeed, and so on. 

Spend more time with a bubbly friend. If you do not have one, then force yourself to overcome your fear of being rejected, and approach such a person of your acquaintance. You may even try to be honest and tell them that you admire their bubbling personality and would love to spend some time in their company to absorb some of their habits. 

Take a moment, catch your breath, and delight in ways to enchant and become a bubbly person by adding these practices to your repertoire of activities:

  • Listen to happy music that touches and uplifts your mood and soul.
  • Play with animals and really NOTICE their acts and reactions!
  • Walk in nature. Take in the beauty, and wonder how each plant and insect functions as a life form.
  • Spend time with people who like to have fun and laugh often.
  • Find a purpose in everything you do.
  • Try things you wouldn’t normally do. If you fail …so what?
  • See the good and the beauty in everyone you meet- search for it!
  • Spend time around extroverts and learn from them but keep it in balance with your own good traits.
  • Meet new people and go to new places. As the old song says: “A Stranger’s just a Friend you do not know” 

The well-known statesman, Winston Churchill, famously once said: 

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” 

Make that your moto to be repeated every day if you yourself want to embark on this journey of becoming that bubbling, sparkling friend.

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The Zenith of a Bubbly Personality 

Our world is filled with different people with different personalities. This makes life and our experience of life interesting and allows us to evaluate what we would like to emulate and what we want to avoid. We are wonderfully created, with abilities and capabilities that are far beyond what even the most brilliant scientists have recognized as yet.  They, and us, do however recognize that it is within our power to make choices, even when we just choose our attitudes, because from that attitudinal choice our actions will inevitably flow. 

Bubbly people are usually the centre of attention, not because of a calculated act, but rather because of their spontaneity and confidence. The charisma that they exude and which they share lovingly with everyone they touch, does not mean that they don’t take life seriously. They do, but they believe that it is better to approach life every day with a smile and a grateful attitude. At the end of each day, they can look back at their encounters and know that they tried to spread joy, even if only for a moment, or for a day.

As the famous Austrian psychologist, Friedrich Nietzche once said:

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”. 

Thus, the bubbly personality does not care if they are laughed at, but they do want to share their joy …