Ok, you went camping and you are in the woods. You started camping with friends or family members. Suddenly, it starts to rain! You slipped on the wet ground and fall into the mud, and that is not even the worst part of the story. You dropped toilet paper from your hands and it becomes unusable! Say “guess what!? “ We will help you to prevent unpleasant camping situations with the following hacks. These are helpful camping hacks that will save you a place while you are packing, keeping toilet paper dry or will help your match burn for at least 5 minutes before it goes out! All those things that can serve you if you go on multi-day hiking and trekking tours.

Check what useful camping tricks exist on our list, which will certainly make it easy for you to camp in the forest or anywhere else in the wild. Enjoy!

Here’s how your match can burn longer

10 Brilliant Camping Hacks You Should KnowVia: BackpackingCulture

Ok, maybe not a match, but the material that will be ignited by the match. So it will burn much longer until you set fire to the campfire. The so-called “fire starter” that can burn more than 5 minutes. Can be very useful if you find yourself in a position to start the fire. Also, this is a very useful trick if you are just learning how to light a campfire.

All you need is a little bit of vaseline, aluminum foil, and cotton pads. This is an old camping trick, which you must prepare before you go camping, or a multi-day hiking tour.

Here’s how you can do it: pull out a little piece of cotton and make a ball of it, dip the cotton into vaseline, put the ball in a piece of aluminum foil and close the foil to the middle so that you make a square shape of the foil.

Slightly open the center to which you have folded the foil and extract the piece of the soaked cotton ball. Light a cotton ball and then a fire will last between 5 and 10 minutes! It’s enough to ignite a good campfire.



Warm up with a bottle of melted snow!

The only thing you need to do if you went camping in the winter is to melt the snow and bring it to the boiling point. Then, pour the melted snow in the bottle and put in a sleeping bag like a thermos. This will keep you warm during the night if your better half is not with you.

Experienced campers say that this water can also be used to prepare a quick coffee in the morning. In addition to staying warm, you will not have to melt the snow again. Another useful trick is to put on the clothes that you want to wear the next day in a sleeping bag so it will be warm when you want to wear it.

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Toilet paper from a can

10 Brilliant Camping Hacks You Should KnowVia: LifeHacker

As unusual as it sounds, this is exactly the end result. Protect your toilet paper if you go on hiking in the rainy weather. Just as we have explained in the introduction, these situations happen often and almost always when you least expect them. So, take some time to think about your hiking before going there, and make a toilet paper safeguard. How to do that? Very easy!

If you like instant coffee, drink all the coffee as you will need a can! Put the toilet paper in a cleaned can, drill a thin, long hole on the side of the can, swallow a sheet of toilet paper, and the protective toilet paper box is done!

Of course, you can always use cans of different materials. What matters is that the material is impermeable, so that the toilet paper remains dry.



Cut the soap into thin slices and keep it!

When you go to a multi-day hiking expedition, and you are planning to sleep in nature for at least 3 – 4 nights, you will surely need a soap. Well, you’ll need it every day, no doubt about it.

If you know that, consider the worst thing that can happen to you! Oh, yes, a lost soap or soap that has inadvertently melted can become a real nightmare. Prevent this by shredding a solid piece of soap into thin slices using a kitchen knife for peeling potatoes.

Put the slices of soup in separate pieces of foil and pack them in different places in the backpack or clothes. This way you will always have a piece of soap ready for single use.

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Make a lantern of empty bottles and headlamp

10 Brilliant Camping Hacks You Should Know

A headlamp is a necessary part of the equipment if you are moving through inaccessible terrain, dense forests and other parts of the natural environment that can be quite dark even when it’s clear. You make sure you always have it, and one of the reasons is that you can use it to make a real lantern for the tent.

Headlamp and large plastic bottle, or ideally thicker white bottle will be enough. Fill it with water, fasten the headband so that the lamp is pressed against the plastic to the inside of the bottle, and the reflection you will receive will be sufficient to light the entire tent without any problem.



Floating pendant for keys

If you really need to take some keys with you on hiking, try to prepare them so you can easily find them. We suggest you to make a cork pendant for keys. This old trick will help you to even if you get into the water, which is not impossible if you combine rafting with hiking and camping, your key remains on the surface.

Use a thin metal wire to drill the cork and make the bow. Attach the keys to that metal bow and the pendant is finished.

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Take all the equipment (gadgets)

10 Brilliant Camping Hacks You Should Know

Although not so interesting advice, or hack actually, this is a tip that can prevent you from any creativity you are planning to help yourself. Pack up all small gadgets and small equipment that can serve you on the journey. Don’t think that is outdated – a compass can be used several times!

Take the headlamp, extra batteries, cell phone and few external battery cases. Don’t be lazy and plan on time! No useful camping tricks can be compared with a phone with a range and a full battery. You never know!



Make a zipper easier to use

If you go on hiking during the colder period of the year, you will definitely need to wear more layers of clothing, jackets, gloves and other equipment. This may make it difficult to unbuckle the jacket, trousers or other parts of the clothes.

The ideal solution is to place round metal part of the pendant on the lever of a zipper and make your life easier in nature. In no time you will buckle and unbuckle zipper even though you wear thick gloves. Useful and simple. Isn’t it?

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Natural mosquito protection products

10 Brilliant Camping Hacks You Should Know

Oh, how much we hate them! You can be the greatest lover of nature, environmental protector or any other kind of benefactor, but you cannot convince us that you don’t want mosquitoes to be exterminated. There are some days in nature when you just cannot get rid of mosquitoes. In addition to the fact that you can always bring sprays and mosquito creams, you can always use natural mosquito repellent products, which you can often find in nature.

Throw these plants into the fire and mosquitoes will disappear – sage, lavender, basil, eucalyptus, garlic and other plants and vegetables…



Safely removing ticks

A tick can turn a fun camping into a painful disaster. But you can always keep up with the fun when you know how to safely remove it. Soak cotton pads with a liquid soap and then put it on the tick for about 20 seconds. The tick will stick to the cotton pad itself.

We hope you like our list. Think ahead, be smart and enjoy your hiking and camp escape in nature!

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