Capricorn and Libra Compatibility

Every pair of zodiac signs have different levels of compatibility with one another. Their compatibility levels also depend on which category their compatibility is measured in (love, friendship, sex, etc.)

Some signs have better compatibility in the friendship zone than in a love relationship or married life. Another possibility is high compatibility levels in the love category but low in terms of sexual compatibility. 

This article focuses on the compatibility levels between Libra and Capricorn’s zodiac signs. Continue reading to learn about how Libra and Capricorn get along together in different relationship categories. 

Capricorn x Libra Friendship Compatibility 

These two signs have rulers that couldn’t be more unique from one another. Venus controls Libra, and Saturn governs Capricorn. These two planets address various things: Venus is about love, beauty, and innovativeness, while Saturn is about discipline, inflexibility, and wisdom. 

As a pair, Libra and Capricorn are coming from totally different sides, making it quite testing to appreciate both perspectives. Libra prefers happy associations, and Capricorn is significantly more of a “the same old thing” sort of individual.

While there’s a chance for this dynamic, it will require a great deal of tolerance from each party’s side. Assuming that these two signs will attempt to comprehend each other’s thinking and decision-making, they can make a relationship work.

Libra and Capricorn will have fascinating casual discussions at parties or in the workplace. In any case, they most likely won’t take their kinship further. Libras are the bubbling energy source everyone crowds around. They are extroverts who appreciate meeting new individuals. 

In any case, Capricorns fundamentally need to get left alone. Libra and Capricorn will experience difficulty making a companionship last when their end-of-the-week designs won’t ever line up with one another.

Capricorn x Libra Love Compatibility 

Libra prefers the more romantic side of things, while Capricorn isn’t probably going to put resources into affection ephemera. However, assuming a bond arises, Libra can have confidence that Capricorn’s gifts will be ones of enduring worth. 

Both like the idea of marriage, and even though a matching has implicit frictions, these two can track down an agreeable equilibrium. Capricorn watches out for the construction of the relationship, while Libra adds the twists.

What interests Capricorn is Libra’s social artfulness, something they see as a resource for climbing the stepping stool. Past that, the goat knows the worth of a decent, clear psyche and is engaged by the Libran mind. Libra carries simplicity to discussions on dates, which permits the more reserved Capricorn to open up.

Assuming Libra is female to a high status-seeking Capricorn male, she could become Venusian eye candy, not entirely respected by her own doing. 

A female Capricorn may be frightened by Libra’s “ladies-man” ways. The practice disapproved of Capricorn is searching for marriage or, if nothing else, a strong responsibility she can count on. Libras will generally be more inclined to lose their heads in affection, while Capricorns remain the realist.

Capricorn x Libra Sexual Compatibility 

When it comes to the levels of sexual compatibility between Capricorn and libra, the amount found between the two appears to be a bit on the lower side. Sexual attraction or a sexual relationship between these two zodiac signs can be very slow starting or even seem as if it is entirely nonexistent! 

It can often feel like the Capricorn and Libra are forever playing the waiting game with one another when it comes to what goes on in the bedroom. However, because Venus and Saturn rule them, they can be disciplined enough to wait for love, and it will be very worth it in the end.

Although both Capricorn and libra consider sex to be a significant event, there may not be any between them. If they were to form a relationship with one another, it is not based on or starting from attraction to one another. A relationship between a Capricorn and libra is usually more focused on the friendship aspect of things, which often doesn’t involve any sort of sexual relations with one another. 

Suppose they defeat the hindrances in general and structure a solid bond through their regular positions. Libra and Capricorn can have sexual relations that are moderate, more intimate, and possibly fulfilling if the two of them let go of their severe premises and conditions when it comes to what goes on in the bedroom.

Capricorn x Libra Marriage Life Compatibility 

Libra and Capricorn have great potential for having a happy and loving married life with one another. They can be described as a ship ready to explore the open sea (Libra) and an excellent strong anchor to hold things in place and bring security when needed (Saturn). 

While the married life compatibility may not be apparent between a Libra and a Capricorn at first, things will settle and become transparent as time goes by. They can live a harmonious life together and even be described as inseparable!

The main factor that makes a strong marriage between Libra and Capricorn a possibility is that the idea of marriage is quite appealing to both of them. They both want to find love and settle down with someone, making them more likely to be loyal to one another and not turn out to be unfaithful to one another. 

Capricorn x Libra Compatibility Percentages

Here are the levels of compatibility for Capricorn and Libra measured in percentages: 

Friendship Compatibility: 80%

Love Relationship Compatibility: 75%

Sexual Compatibility: 60%

Married Life Compatibility: 90%


As long as Libra and Capricorn can trust one another and understand and respect each other’s differences, the pair can have excellent compatibility levels in all the categories. Communication and recognizing and respecting boundaries are essential for making things work with these two signs. 

The air sign Libra’s fun-loving and friendly nature helps the earth sign Capricorn come out of their shell and be more social. Capricorn’s strong sense of discipline and groundedness helps keep Libra secure and from going off the rails and being irresponsible. 

Although the two seem to be polar opposites, they can help one another and make the perfect team. Libra and Capricorn can create an unstoppable team when working together in harmony.

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By Bailey Forcier

Bailey Forcier-Yake is a First Nations freelance writer from the Nisga'a Nation of Northern BC. Her favorite topics to write about are mental health, wellbeing, and spirituality. Her goal is to raise awareness about mental health issues and help eliminate the stigma that comes with it.