Unsuccessful people are busy being busy but what’s the bottom line in being busy and climbing the wrong mountain. Social networking platforms are shaping the way people live their lives in today’s world. Since the launch of the internet, people can access an unlimited amount of opportunities, and our guest is a prime example of a person that seizes opportunities with tenacity and grace regardless of the industry she finds herself.

Chelsea Penner is an actress, entrepreneur, investment consultant, dating coach, and model. Her success is mainly driven by her relentless pursuit to improve daily. Over the years, she has managed to hone her skills with a precise monomaniacal focus that some have to liken to a borderline obsession for success. However, her ability to focus on what truly matters and gain clarity over issues is something to be both admired and emulated, if one hopes to replicate similar success.

Chelsea Penner

It wasn’t always rosy for Chelsea, as far back as the year 2007, Chelsea was suffering from a brutal heartbreak, and her relationship with her parents was not good, as she was evolving as a person. As things got rough, she moved to Los Angeles in hopes of fulfilling her dreams.

Prior to the time, Chelsea ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. She has built extensive experience doing a lot of desk jobs. However, the 8-hours job felt like a prison and she was the executive recruiter for clinical pharmacists but the job wasn’t fulfilling for the now successful entrepreneur. Eventually, she was headhunted to become a pharmaceutical sales rep where she specialized in ophthalmology. The new role meant that Chelsea could get a taste of what it feels like to be an entrepreneur due to the responsibilities that come with the position. In her new role, she could handle sales for the company outside the office; she has freedom as there was no overbearing boss and there was no fixed schedule.

Chelsea Penner

Chelsea has an incredible work ethic, and it shows in the way she handles her job. While she worked at sales, she kept an eye out for better opportunities. Fortunately for her, the company she worked for laid-off every single staff and that provided the need push to venture into entrepreneurship.  An opportunity finally came knocking in 2007, a government program in Oregon called self-employment that encourages people to start their business, and she took advantage of the program.

Her first step into the world of entrepreneurship was to become a personal trainer. She set up a studio in Portland and began to cater to her clients. Shortly after, she spotted a gap and realized that her customers struggled with self-love and most had both emotional and mental issues. It was the perfect opportunity to utilize her degree in communication and start serving her clients as a personal life coach.

Chelsea Penner

When questioned about how she manages to run several ventures at the same time? Chelsea Penner often replies that. “The things that I do don’t require me to necessarily stop doing the other thing that I do.”

That statement stands true when we consider how Chelsea leveraged on Myspace the social networking platform before the rise of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. She uploads modeling pictures on the platform, and the response was impressive and questions like; how did you get your hair to look like that? How/ who did your make-up, and many more related questions. She couldn’t answer every question due to a busy schedule. The questions coupled with her experiences auditioning for modeling jobs prompted her to launch a platform called Bellinity. Bellinity is a tool that helps connect people to their favorite celebrity, experts, and influencer via messaging and one on one video event.

Chelsea is a victim of sexual harassment going back to the days when she was focusing on acting full time. Multiple casting directors sexually harassed her during many auditions. As a result, she has tried to use Bellinity to help models who might be facing a similar experience. With the help of Bellinity, upcoming models can connect with established models, get tips and make money. Chelsea also tried to start the #metoo movement but nobody noticed as she wasn’t super famous.

Chelsea Penner

On Instagram, Chelsea is known as the Crypto Goddess and the love mentor. She has leveraged on her experience and wealth of knowledge in tech to share crucial information on cryptocurrency on her page on Instagram. Ironically, Chelsea never took bitcoin seriously when she first heard about it. When Bitcoin was $700 Chelsea started investing in it and when Eth was at $30 she started mining it and became an expert. Chelsea became the first woman crypto-currency influencer on Instagram.

“I want to see more love in the world. I think if we all have more love for ourselves and others then this world would be a much better place”. – Chelsea Penner