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In the Internet, where more than 3M articles are published every single day, it will certainly be hard to stand out from the crowd. IF you wish to make a Name, Gain Traffic or Simply Share Your Knowledge with young and talented minds, we are happy to offer you our platform.


What is LifeHacks.IO all about?

As the name suggests, we focus on Lifehacks. However, we are not limited to it. As said in our about us page, we focus on virtually any topic, from Life Tips to Relationship advises and from Healthy Living to Solo Travel. We are happy to accept any post (See T&C) if it is bound to add value to our audiences’ life.


Why Should You Contribute?

Lifehacks is a startup, which now serves 1 Million readers every single month. Writing for us will ensure that you get a huge number of eyeballs to your content.


Who is our Audience?

We have an enormous GEN Y audience, 64% of our readers are of the age group 18-24. The site has an equal number of users from both the genders. In a nutshell, something that pleases an 18-24 age group audience would be highly appreciated.


What do I get in return?

  • Huge number of eyeballs
  • Fame
  • And appreciation from us 😉 (That’s all we can offer)


I am interested, How Can I Contribute?

Send your pitch at [email protected], and you’re done.


Terms & Conditions:

1) We have the right to reject your post OR we may edit it as per our taste before pushing it live.

2) We do not accept anything related to Blogging, SEO, SEM, or anything business.

3) We have the right to reject your link/s for any reason.

4) You are not allowed to republish the article anywhere on the internet.

5) You will not be paid for your articles.

6) If you do get accepted, please do not submit anything other than the topics you initially pitched for. Or it will be rejected.

7) All External links are No-followed. (Ping us to know what you can do for a dofollow)