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Why on LifeHacks?

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This is how a typical day looks like on the Internet. The web sees more than 3 Million Blog posts every single day.

You already know how hard it is to get your posts promoted and presented in front of thousands of eyes.

Publishing on LifeHacks guarantees that you’ll reach a larger audience in a shorter period.



What’s LifeHacks allĀ about

Even though our name restricts us to “Lifehacks,” we decided to outgrow it by publishing content that helps our audience to deal with all sorts of life situations.

As of now, the site mostly focuses on Life Tips, Life Hacks, Inspiration, Motivation, and Relationships. Technology and Health related topics are mostly ignored.


Why Should You Contribute?

We serve a million plus page views each month. If you are looking to make a name for yourself, you are heading in the right direction. We haveĀ been featured in numerous publications.

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Who is our Audience?

We have an enormous GEN Y audience, 72% of our readers are of the age group 18-24. The site has an equal number of users from both the genders. In a nutshell, something that pleases the 18-24 age group would be highly appreciated.


What do I get in return?

Access to our audience base and appreciation from us. (That’s all we can offer)


I am interested, How Can I Contribute?

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1) We have the right to reject your post OR we may edit it as per our taste before pushing it live.

2) We do not accept anything related to Blogging, SEO, SEM, or anything business.

3) We have the right to reject your link/s for any reason.

4) You cannot republish the article anywhere on the internet.

5) You will not be paid for your articles.

6) If you do get accepted, please only submit the posts you pitched for.

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