5 Ways To Crack Upcoming Semester Exam

5 Ways To Crack Upcoming Semester Exam

It’s that month of the year again where every student remains tensed. It’s that month when students realize that semester exam is not all about grades but only how to pass. It’s that month where students are seeking attendance more than they seek God. It’s that month when every student becomes religious and try some hilarious method to impress God. Guys and Girls say “Hello to November month.” Your Semester exams are going to start, and you still haven’t opened the book yet. Well, you don’t have to worry you are not only in the boat. Just take a deep breath and relax here I am to solve your problem.


5 Ways To Crack Upcoming Semester Exam –

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Wake Up At 4 am

It is the most important rule. I know, waking up is tough for college students. But just implement this rule for only one month it will help you in passing your semester with ease. The problem with night study is that our brain doesn’t work efficiently.

In the daytime, our brain does hundreds of work and therefore at night it doesn’t perform efficiently, and it has been approved by science also. So, try waking up early it will be hard at the start, but then it will be okay trust me.

Studying in the morning will help you to concentrate on your subject while your mates might be sleeping at that time. So go for morning study instead of night study.


Circle Important Questions

If you have opened the book for the first time, it will be difficult to go through the full Syllabus. Instead, make circle or notes for important questions. Make separate notes or circle them. It will help you in passing the semester as these are the questions which are likely to come. Trust me, if you make circles or separate note of important questions, it will surely help you passing semester exam and with good grades also.

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How to study – 50′ study 10′ physical break

This is the best method to study.  Devote 50′ minutes to study and 10′ mins for a physical break. The key note here is that in 10′ mins break you don’t have to use any mobile. Just do any physical work like a push-up or cleaning your house. Anything that will give rest to your brain but no mobile or any time wasting device. Our brain can only work properly for 50 minutes, 1′ and our brain needs rest after that. Even in Nasa, they are taught the same thing. So please apply this rule, and it will help you a lot. If you use mobile, then it will take a lot of time for your brain to re-focused plainly back to study.


Start before one week or 10 days before examination

Yes, you have to start a week or 10 days before because studying is a Habit. Now just take the example of a guy who is going to participate in Olympic. If olympian trains just a month before the real game then how can you expect him/her to win that race? But, same is the case for us. Studying is a habit, if you say you can crack semester exam by studying a day before then, you are fooling yourself.  Don’t fool yourself thinking that you can crack exam a night before the exam.


Some other hacks

Try to eat food which is rich in Vitamin C. And try to attempt every question during the exam whether you know the answer or not. Try to fill the sheet as much as you can. Focus on diagram rather than theory.  I knew some of my friends who sleeps less and call this thing hustling. But you’d rather get a solid 8-hour sleep and work 14 laser-focused productive hours. Try to watch inspirational and motivational video during exam days.

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