Crush Of A Shy Guy

Crush Of A Shy Guy

It all began at the beginning of the 4th semester when I saw an unknown girl outside the pharmacy block. She just blew my mind at first sight. Her smile was brighter than the sun for me. Seriously I would give away thousand days just to have one with my crush.

the crush of a shy guy

She was not the 8th wonder for me. She was the first and last wonder for me. Her smile is the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. However, the worst part is that being a mechanical student you don’t know how to approach an unknown girl.

One evening at dawn time, around 4:45 pm, I came to know that she was living in the hostel. The very same day, I found her sitting in the park of Block 1. I tried to know about her by asking my friends. And then one of my pharmacy friends told me that she was not from the pharmacy block.

Two Days later I saw that girl again and finally came to know that she was from BBA block. I was lucky enough to find out her name through one of my friends. I was euphoric that day. As I already knew her name, I checked her Instagram and Facebook ID’s and sent a paragraph long message on both FB and Instagram profiles, but she didn’t reply me.

crush of a guy

Now, my anxiety was killing me; I was dying to talk to her in college whenever I saw her. On 18 Feb 2016 (5:50 pm) she was sitting near block 1. And I was standing with my friends we were three guys out there. 2 of my friends forced me to go and talk to her, and I was freaking afraid at that time, but deep inside, I really want to talk to her. So, first time in my life I decided to speak to an unknown girl. I started walking towards her, and that was the moment when everything stood still for me. My heart beats were getting faster as I was nearly leaning towards her. But when I reached there I came back right in front of her; my shyness has killed me again.

A few minutes later she started walking back to her hostel. And then one of my friends pushed me right in front of her and then finally, I was going to talk to “My Crush.”

I said to her “Can I talk with you for 2 minutes” She said no, I again tried “Can I just please talk with you for 2 minutes”, She just waved her hand and said go away.

crush of a very shy girl

I was laughing at that time, but deep inside my heart was broken into pieces. It was an end for me, and I cried when I reached the hostel. Sometimes, I feel like that shy guys like me don’t deserve real love. Because of that girl, I have started hating every Indian Girl. We live in a country where shy guys can’t even share their feelings.

I was rejected, but I have moved on from this sad incident.

Thanks for your rejection…!

Your rejection has made my life secure and better.

Now I’m a free soul enjoying this strange world. And now what I have is a broken heart, friends that mean the world to me and my bright future. I hope the girl who is reading this will give a chance to a shy boy like me for sharing his feelings.

But that’s not how the story ends. I posted my above confession on our college confession page, and luckily, she has read the above confession. And after reading this confession, she sent me two smiling smileys on my Instagram account and then she said I’m sorry, and she doesn’t like if she hurts someone.

And that sorry was enough to change my mood and to fix my broken heart. We started chatting on Instagram. Sometimes we had a good chat, and at other times I was running out of words after “How are you”. But I have to continue the conversation because I wanted to know about her.

Day by day little by little I start knowing more about her, and the funniest thing is that she had not seen me in the college, and we were chatting for months.

love story of a shy guy

One day, she was finally able to notice me in the college, and I was very happy that day. A few months later we exchanged our numbers, and now I guess I have become a proper friend in her life. Though she might not be my girlfriend; But, I don’t care about this.

Guys if your crush becomes your friend it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world. I just wanted to take care of her, to stay loyal to her and never wanted to leave her. 

And this is a true story of a shy guy (me) and my beautiful journey that has ups and down but a big smile in the end.


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