It’s known that guys often go head over heels for girls who are high maintenance or we can say, who are just not easy to handle. No offense, but they do seem to have a lesser understanding, and the guy needs to put in a lot of efforts to woo them every time she gets mad, and that too over petty little things. Am I right? Maybe some guys enjoy those little challenges, and they make their day, but if you haven’t ever dated a low-maintenance woman, you have no idea what you are missing.


Won’t make you wait

Why You Should Date A Low Maintenance Girl

Low maintenance woman doesn’t feel that they need to make a guy wait for them, to have more power on him, while high maintenance girls could easily believe so. Even if she takes a lot of time to get ready, she will start getting ready earlier instead of making you wait for an extra hour. Most of the times, they don’t even enjoy pasting their face with a lot of makeup and would be ready quickly.


No Expensive gifts

Now is that alien to you? Well, then you never dated a girl who is easy to go. She won’t ask you to buy her expensive gifts and would not break up with you if you couldn’t buy anything for her as you were broke. She isn’t there for materialistic things, but for the love that you show. Flowers and cards from you might make her day.

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She is carefree

Why You Should Date A Low Maintenance Girl

This girl would be so carefree that she would have the nerve even to do adventurous activities with you, for example, bungee jumping, cliff diving, etc. she is all about thrill which is the favorite virtue of most guys. And, the best part she won’t mind spending a night with you, where she might need to wear pajamas and no makeup.


A savior

Rather than making you spend on her, she would like to manage both her and your finances. She would ask you to save, rather than to ask you to spend on her ruthlessly. She would be able to manage the income according to the trip that you both are planning, even if it involves you both not going to expensive restaurants for a date.

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She gets along

Why You Should Date A Low Maintenance Girl

Be it your family or be it your friends, she would get along with all of them easily as she is adjusting and knows how to mingle in a crowd. She won’t be making absurd comments to you about how she doesn’t like them and neither would she be too judgmental. She knows that even if you love her, you love the friends you know since ages, even more.


She will give you space.

On the same note, she won’t put up a fight with you only because you are hanging out with your friends since two days. She won’t mind if you plan a trip with just your friends as she trusts you enough. She would very well know her importance in your life and would be secure enough to give you space. While on the other hand, a high maintenance girl might want you to spend all your free time with her.

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Say no to rules

Why You Should Date A Low Maintenance Girl

Her life is free, and she doesn’t live by the rules that society asks her to. Dress this certain way or always go according to “fashion” isn’t on her mind all the time. She has better things to think of, and she won’t keep her limitations bounded to a certain way of thinking. A low maintenance girl is open minded and does not judge anyone’s opinion.


She lets You be You

Last, but not the least, in a relationship, it is important that people remain who they are. While guys tend to complain that my girlfriend wants to change me, it’s either the bad habits of yours that she wants to change, or she is high-maintenance and wants you to be according to her wish list. Looking for perfectionism is not wrong, but when the girl tries to change the person who you are, she is probably a waste of time. On the other hand, a low-maintenance won’t do much drama and fights and will let you live the life the way you want. Good enough?

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