Don’t Judge:  I Help (Not Hurt) Students By Writing Their Papers

Don’t Judge: I Help (Not Hurt) Students By Writing Their Papers

For all those students who are bookish and live to write and read and don’t know what to do with your lives, I think you will find my story inspirational. Hoping to be an English professor but finding only deadlocked English departments that were hiring only adjuncts and a couple of full-time staff members for “chairs” and other administrative positions, I didn’t know what to do with my honed English, literature, and writing skills.

Then, a friend offered a suggestion to me after seeing how much I helped her with a dissertation, and a new career was born.

Read on to find out how I discovered a well-paying job where I’m still able to help students, avoid stacks of papers to grade and get paid very well on top of it.

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Born to Read and Write

Hi! I’m Amanda Wilson, and I’ve lived a life submerged in books and writing. Reading and writing was all I did or ever wanted to do. I was an only child, with only one hard-working mother who didn’t have much time to play with me when I was little. She bought me books to give me something quiet to do while she rested, and fell in love with them with a fervor.


A Degree with No Job Prospects?

I decided to major in English without one ounce of hesitancy, even though my professors told me “Amanda, the job-scape is changing, there aren’t any jobs,” but I couldn’t imagine a life where I wasn’t paid to read or write in some fashion. Although all my friends were pursuing degrees in medicine, microbiology, engineering, or business, degrees that get you jobs, I was going for a master’s in English, and I had to listen to their constant lectures about how I would never get a job. I was so motivated about literature, though, that I didn’t listen. I was born to read and write.

Since I graduated with my master’s from a respected but smaller state school in the Midwest, you’d think I would have gotten a job easily. Instead, I was competing for jobs with all these students from Harvard and Yale who were so desperate for a tenure track job that they were coming to small towns in Indiana, to seek jobs. So I decided to go on and get my doctorate in English, hoping this would help.


The Solution: Become a Real Writer at a Great Company

Now, I am in my second year at the doctoral level and have just gotten doctoral candidacy. I think I won’t need to go into a low-paying teaching job just anywhere because I have found a great job writing papers for students who need help. I got into this when a friend of mine working on a very challenging doctorate in Art History, where she had to discuss paintings from museums in English, including using scholarship in Italian (this is what art history students go through—they have to learn three languages) and she was having trouble getting the committee members to all sign off on her dissertation. They said it was disorganized and lacked maintenance of her central thesis throughout.

So I took a look at it. I located the points where she was going off track and how. I helped her integrate more great quotes (in English!) that really made the scholarship more exciting to read, and helped her create fantastic chapters with titles that make you really want to dive into them.

She passed “With Distinction” after I edited it for her, which is the highest honor you can pass with on a dissertation. Claire told me, you should find a way to do this for a living… and I decided to look into this. There are all kinds of freelance blog writing you could do out there, but I knew my one strength was academic writing. So I began looking at academic writing jobs. I just couldn’t find them on typical freelance job boards.

Finally, while talking to some professional academic writers on Reddit and elsewhere online, I learned that more and more students need good writing help and services today. Plus, I learned that native English speakers are in high demand for jobs at paper writing services, like At this service, I have found the perfect job for me. I get to do what I love all day. Plus, they send me jobs in literary analysis and English constantly—just my field. I had to pass a series of very challenging tests to get this job, but I’m proud that I went through that and succeeded.

I have now been working here for six months. I am almost finished with my doctorate, and I have a job I adore. I’ve decided to keep with this job, even after I graduate. If there are any nerds out there like me, who want a job doing what you want to do—write, don’t give up. Essay writing services have all kinds of great jobs for talented academic writers.


Why I Love What I Do: Helping Students Create the Papers of their Dreams

I absolutely love my job. I get to help students succeed in life all day. Although some people think writing papers for students is morally wrong, I beg to differ. Some students aren’t majoring in English, they’re majoring in physics, microbiology, medicine, quantum physics, and math, and their studies, especially at the doctoral level, are challenging enough. When they choose a lit class for an elective (which has to be at the graduate level), they don’t have the skills to write a 700-level analysis of William Faulkner’s Go Down, Moses— that’s one situation where I’ve helped a student get their A in their elective and not mess up their 4.0.

Another student was a working mother trying to get her RN, raising three kids with no money and getting ready to graduate with honors, if she could make it through her English class. The last paper of the semester was a literary analysis of a long short story by James Joyce. Is it wrong to help her get through that paper if not writing it would mean she would mess up a whole lifetime of A’s? I don’t think so, especially when I could do this so easily for her.


Then there are students who are ill, indeed, what I’m doing is noble, not ignoble!

For all you students who have a talent for writing a paper and you have no idea what to do after you graduate, be inspired by story battling a severe disease, and you cannot tell me it’s wrong to help them, so they can return to their studies happy, healthy, without the kind of stress that could make them sick again. N There are great writing jobs out there where you cannot wait to get up and begin your writing day! There is nothing more you can ask for in life than to have a job you love—because then, you always have something to look forward to.


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