Every great dream begins with a dreamer! Making a dream come true takes a lot of sweat, determination, and hard work.

The story of Emily Vavra tells if you want anything badly, getting it is not impossible. Today, a self-made millionaire, a success coach, and motivational speaker, Emily is inspiring people all around the world. She is a successful entrepreneur and marketing professional who has worked really hard to build her own empire and now ruling it with all glory.

Unlike many kids, the childhood of Emily Vavra was not a fairytale. She was born in Minnesota and raised by a single mother. Seeing her mom struggling each day, to upkeep the finances laid the foundation of doing hard work in life. She saw her mother facing many ups and downs while upbringing her. It was when she realized how important it is to be independent, self-capable, and competent.

Emily Vavra
Emily Vavra

Emily lacks the love of a father. Her love life was also dark. She never had any meaningful relationship where she could find herself comfortable or being valued. While generally, these things make life gloomy, Emily didn’t lack confidence. Her constant struggle to keep things on the track never ceased.

While people get distressed, looking at their past ominous life, Emily used it as her strength. She learned perseverance and hard work from it. The way a confident mother raised her, instilled the seeds of being strong and independent at a small age. Instead of feeling sad and fury, she converted her anger into passion and determination to achieve success.

Emily was fascinated with a holistic lifestyle. After finishing high school, she thought of shaping her future as a massage therapist. The right focus in the right direction and at the right time helped her achieve accomplishments one by one. Emily was just 21 when she bought the first home. She was on the verge of breaking the financial crises of her family. The entire world was revolving around her, and she made it larger than life.

Suddenly everything started happening exactly the way Emily wanted, and she was enjoying every bit of it. In the meanwhile, she also competed in the Fitness America and Fitness Universe. For Emily, the fairytale has just begun.

Vision without action is merely a dream!

When everything was going smooth, Emily lost the track and the vision to achieve more in life. She got into a bitter relationship wherein she not only quit her job but also moved to a different city. For the sake of her relationship, she left the castle that once she built for herself. It was the worst phase of her life.

Emily was all shattered and broken by the abusive relationship. It was like Déjà vu for her when she had flashbacks of her childhood watching her mom get beat around by circumstances. She felt like history is repeating itself, and this time, she is the victim. It was the time either to fall into the pothole of depression or fight against it like a warrior. The decision was entirely in the hands of Emily.

She, like a hero, gathered all the courage to fight against it. Although the relationship lasted too long, it was not long enough to break her strong soul. She promised herself not to relive it but move out and move on. She finally left the toxic relationship and decided to start everything again from the bottom.

To overcome the turmoil the life has thrown at her, she practiced positive daily affirmation. She believed in the power of God and focused on making a personal relationship with Him. It helped her tremendously. Emily’s daily affirmations helped in nourishing her mind with positivity and humbleness.

It is out of weakness we find our greatest strength!

When everything was going against Emily, affirmations helped. Along with that, her friend, Holly DeMott, introduced to her a new perspective of life. Holly came like an angel for Emily. She introduced her to a business model called Network Marketing. Emily started to read self-help books and learned meditation. It helped to save her life. Step by step, Emily was learning to walk again.

Finally, Emily decided to give her a chance in marketing for at least 5 years and see where it takes her. She gave more than 100% to prove herself. The hard work shows the results, and within a short period, she became a marketing ninja. Emily still remembers how her hands were quivering when she wrote a million dollar check.

Life becomes meaningful when you know what you are doing and why you are doing. – Emily Vavra

Working hard for three consecutive years made Emily self-sustainable. She started making over a million dollar a year. Friends who used to laugh and make fun of her now start praising and applauding for her accomplishments. According to Emily, people are threatened by you or inspired by you. Knowing the self-worth and not losing confidence is all that helps you fulfill the dreams.

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