None of the types of abuse that exist is as damaging as emotional abuse. It ruins your self-confidence, dignity, and self-esteem in an insidious and slow manner. Although observers may feel emotionally abuse at miles, the person in such a relationship is often immersed in the everyday life of abusive behavior. Sometimes he or she is not sure if what is happening to him/her is really problematic or not. We have collected clear indications that you are suffering abuse in your relationship.

Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

Emotional abuse is a term that, thanks to the increasing popularity of self-help literature and certain areas of psychology, is nowadays more and more often used, but we need to be cautious. Of course, we are grateful to talk and discuss relationships by striving to make them better quality and safer. It is better than just using slightest and inappropriate difficult terms like emotional abuse and thus we can do harm to real victims.

One quarrel with a partner where you have said the things that you later regret is not emotional abuse. But, everyday fear, torment, and anxiety when interacting with your partner will most likely indicate that you are emotionally abused.

Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

These are some things the abusers make in relationships. If you recognize these ways of behaving at a time, it’s easier for you to take over the rudder of your emotional health:

  • When you are in the company of other people he/she laugh at you and mock you.
  • Your beliefs, needs, desires, and opinions are not important to them. They simply ignore you.
  • Sarcastic and contemptuous remarks are often a way to embarrass you and make you feel humiliated, worthless and even cause self-pity.
  • Their abusive behavior is often justified by the fact that you are “hypersensitive” and you are taking too serious everything.
  • Treat you like a child.
  • Every day in strange ways they punish you for absolutely every little thing you do.
  • If you want to go somewhere or to do something they require from you to seek their permission.
  • They must have control over your finances and on what you are going to spend money?
  • They constantly criticize you for everything and destroy your desires, dreams and disapprove your achievements.
  • You will never hear from them “You’re right” because their word is law and you are always wrong.

Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

  • They always consider themselves superior and never treat you as an equal person.
  • Your disadvantages, imperfections are always topic number one.
  • They often charge you without any reason for things that you are absolutely sure are not true.
  • Never submit criticism because they are usually those who criticize you.
  • If they accidentally think that you have shown disrespect for them, they will constantly give you a pretext.
  • They devise excuses for their behavior, try to shift their mistakes to others and never regret.
  • Deliberately provokes you and discards everything you ask from their part.
  • In their opinion, you are the cause of their problems and all of your disagreements are precisely because of you.
  • They call you with lousy names and give you nasty, barely audible comments.
  • What can be noticed in them is that they are often restrained or completely emotionally unavailable.

Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Relationship

  • To get your attention, they often get upset or unwilling to talk to you.
  • They are completely apathetic and have no compassion.
  • Often play the victim to convince you that you are the one who is abusing.
  • Constantly threaten to leave you to make you believe that you need them.
  • Completely deny their feelings.
  • They convince you that you are part of them and that as such you have no right to individuality.
  • Important information retains for themselves so that they can control you.
  • They don’t worry about confidentiality and often talk to others about your private stuff.
  • They are often unaware that they are abusers and even if they are, they do not admit it.
  • One of the ways they are trying to control you are unclear threats and untruths.

Recognition is the first step to recovery from this kind of emotional abuse.

If you recognize any of these signs in your relationship maybe that is a sign that it’s time to be honest with yourself. The only way to take control of your own life and finally begin to heal is to be aware of all these abusive things in a relationship.

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