Do you ever have one of those awakening moments when an existential question suddenly hits you? You might be lying in bed or walking on the street, and a strike in the back of your mind enlightens you while you have this thought: ‘Wow, I am a human living my life into this world.’ From there, questions start filling your head. 

Let’s take a look at some of these existential questions and try to give them an answer together.


1. Why do we live?

Existential Questions

A lot of people that have walked on this land have tried to answer the ultimate question about the meaning of life. From ancient philosophers such as Socrates to modern-day scientist such as Elon Musk, us humans have always wondered what is the meaning of all this. 

We live to grow and learn. We live to know the difference between good and evil and evolve as species. Life would be meaningless if we would only dwell in the darkness and not further expand our spirit.


2. Is there a God?

Once again our desperate need for meaning has pushed us over the limit to look for hope in something bigger than ourselves. Many religions over the ages have claimed that there is a God, while even ancient philosophers used to believe in some kind of divine entity.

Albert Einstein came up with his relativity theory and proved through quantum physics that God’s spirit lives within us as we are all made of atoms and energy. Looking at the preciseness of the events that surround us we can say that there is a form of a higher power that sets the order for everything.


3. Does time exist?

Science claims this question is relative since time can be transformed and bent in so many ways. If you are inside a black hole it is believed that time stops and if you travel with the speed of light time moves slower. 

However, we age and our bodies eventually grow old and die but this doesn’t have to do with time as much as it has to do with our cells dying out due to the free oxygen atoms that we inhale.


4. Why do we grow old?

Our self-renewing stem cells start dying as a result of a series of events that damage them continually. From mutations to DNA damage and telomere shortening, to oxidative stress all of this repeated damage causes us to age.


5. Is there an afterlife?

Some religions believe in Heaven and Hell after we die while others like Buddhism believe in reincarnation in another life. Both ideas are equally terrifying.


6. Are we all born equally?

There are two ways to look at this. Physically we are not all born equally. Some people are born blindsided and that doesn’t make them the same as those who can see perfectly fine. But spiritually we are all born the same. We all have the same gifted potential of awakening the light within our soul and use it for good.


7. Can you always be happy?

Existential Questions

If your happiness depends on being grateful for the people and things you already have in your life, and you’re not moved even if you lose these, then yes, you can always be happy. However, psychology tells us that most people base their happiness on positive future events. With this kind of mindset, you can be as happy as you can while you achieve more goals, love at a deeper level, and experience more of what life has to offer you.


8. Why do we dream?

There are a lot of books that try to explain the meaning of our dreams and even the fact that we dream in the first place. “Astral Projection. A record of out-of-the-body experiences” is a book written by Oliver Fox where he explains dreams and how we can be conscious in them almost as if living in another realm. But for the time being, science hasn’t found yet an ultimate answer as to why do we dream in the first place.


9. Do aliens exist?

If the Universe is as big as we think of it to be it’s just inevitable that alien life exists out there somewhere. It might be even closer than we think but maybe we simply cannot perceive it since when we think of aliens, we think of beings that need the same biological conditions as us to exist. 


10. Are soul mates a real thing?

Some people are simply made up of the same energy and no matter how much they try to avoid that, they always end up with each other. We are talking about souls, not bodies. If you let all the ego aside, you would be surprised how many people that are now divorced, would still be together. So yes, soul mates are a real thing.


11. Is the world’s history all wrong?

History, as we learn it in our schools, is all wrong. Because time has shown how some countries teach their youngsters according to their interest. No one knows how human beings evolved, or how Socrates really died, or even who was the first person to invent the light bulb. Some people say it was Edison while others claim that he stole that idea from others.


12. Who rules the world?

The masses tend to think that governments are the ones that rule the world, but that is far from being true. The real people that rule the world and have the power to make world-changing decisions are the ones that live in the shadows. They don’t have to reveal their identities as long as they can fool the masses into believing that politicians are the ones in power.


13. Does money have any real value?

The short answer is no. The long answer is that if you worked one week for a project and you got paid by the end of the week, the real value there isn’t the money. The real value is the energy and time and dedication that you put into that project. When you start looking at life this way, everything that you think is valuable changes.


14. Do we make our fate?

We make our own decisions but our future is determined by fate. There is this strange force that will guide you in the path that you are meant to be, even if it seems like you are moving backward. 

You have the power to make your own decisions whether to quit your job or get out of that toxic relationship, but in the future things might unfold differently and push you in the way that you were trying to avoid all along because that is where you were meant to be. Everything that you have done so far in the past has led you to this present moment, which is exactly where you are meant to be right now.


15. Is suffering just an illusion?

Pain is a very real thing. You get hurt, your nerves react and give signals to your brain and chemicals start flowing all around causing you to feel pain. Suffering, however, is just a made-up illusion of our mind.

You might be stuck in traffic while being late for work and get anxious about it, but if you look at the present moment, nothing is wrong. You are breathing and living and the only thing making you suffer are the illusionary thoughts in your mind.


16. Where does consciousness come from?

With the research done so far, it is believed that consciousness comes from the pineal gland, which is located in the centre of our brain. This gland is also known as the ‘third eye’, and it is responsible for waking us up and putting us to sleep, and controlling every basic action that we take. 


17. Is human creativity limitless?

Existential Questions

Yes, and we can say this without a doubt. Think of the time when you were a little kid. You could imagine things that you had never seen before anywhere else and that didn’t exist anywhere but in your brain. That is one example of how human creativity is limitless. We can create things from scratch without the need to have previous information about them. That is one trait that makes the human being very special.


18. Are we free?

You have the freedom right now to get up from your desk and walk away from your job. You have the freedom to quit school and start living your passion. But you don’t have the freedom to live where you want, get the things that you want, or even walk where you want, since laws, forbid you from doing so.


19. Will poverty ever end?

It’s 2021, we are nearly 8 billion people and almost half of them are nearly starving. Poverty has been a problem ever since humans invented society and hierarchy. If we think back to cavemen, they weren’t poor. If they wanted food they hunted for it and no one in the world ever told them that’s illegal or it’s not theirs to take. 

So to end poverty in the future, we have to think with the ‘cavemen’ mentality that everything in this world is ours and no one is in debt, and no one will ask for more when none is given less. 


20. Are we a part of the Universe or the Universe itself?

We are all energy and atoms shifting in and out of existence. Even as you are reading this and you might feel like you are alone and just one insignificant human life in this indifferent Universe. One single action that you take can affect so many people and things around you. 

If you think of this, all we are is just a serene dance of energy.