Finland is a Northern European nation bordering Sweden, Norway, and Russia. Its capital, Helsinki, occupies a peninsula and surrounding islands in the Baltic Sea. It is a small country popular for Nokia and angry birds. But in recent years their education system have surpassed everyone they have the best education system in the world. Their education system currently ranks 6th in the world whereas US’s education system is not even in top 25.

South Korea ranked first, but their students don’t have holidays even on Sunday that’s why they don’ have the best education System though they are ranked number one. Finland has the highest school graduation rate in Europe.


Here are 15 Astonishing Facts About Finland Education That Will Simply Blow Up Your Mind

finlands education system

They don’t go to school until they turn 7

That is the most surprising fact about Finland Education. No kindergarten, No primary school till 7. And here in India, you are just dragged away from your house when you turn 3 or 4.  Kids of Finland don’t even cry when they go to school when they are 7. And they go on their own to school, and no parents are dropping them.


No, standardize test and no examination till the end of high school

Yes, my friend you read the above sentence right no standardized test. In Finland, there’s no competition. That’s what I love the most about Finnish education. No competition mean no comparison and no comparison means no differentiation between average and intelligent student. Simply incredible. They only conduct one test and that too only at the end High school.


They believe in Equality

When a baby is born in Finland. Finnish government sends a baby box full of supplies to the new born baby. In this way, no child is left behind in Finland, and Finland has literally 100% literacy rate.


No Homework

Yes, there is NO homework. Finnish education never pressurize students but then how do they learn? They believe in the formula that less is more and they move slowly. Finnish education system wants children to play. They want children to spend time with their parent’s and friends. Finnish education believes that there are more important things that a child can learn beyond school.


20 Hours a Week School Time

In South Korea, students don’t even have holidays on Sunday, and they have I guess double the hours of school time that of Finland. Finnish believes that student can learn a lot in 20 hours a week school time. And trust me, it works. Finland students are ranked first in the world in Maths and many other subjects.


Average time spent in School Day is three to four hours

finnish students

They spend only 3 or 4 hours in a day at School. The time includes lunch break too. Finnish teachers spend 4 hours a day in the Class. Finnish teachers believe that brain has to relax also. If you continually work and work, then you will stop learning. They have set the example to the world with their education and the principles that they are following is just magnificent.


Being a Teacher In Finland Is Very Difficult

Generally, only 1 in 10 applicants that has applied for a Job that gets selected. One has to get a master degree in order if they want to become a Teacher. So it’s kinda difficult. But it’s great; only professionals become the teacher in Finland.


Teachers get the same respect as Lawyer And Doctors

In Finland, teachers are treated like Lawyers or Doctors. The teacher has to get a master degree. And there are only eight universities in Finland that is providing Master Degree. So no wonder why they are getting that much of respect.


Every Finnish Student Speak More Than 2 Language

Most of the students in Finland speak more than 3 Language. And those languages are generally English, Finnish, Spanish. Swedish, French, and German.


No Private Schools.

There is no private school in Finland. There are only public School in Finland and having no private school has actually helped reduced discrimination between rich kids and poor kids.

Rich kids have to go to public school so as poor kids. In this way, both rich kids and poor kids grow up together. In this way when they get young there is no difference between rich and poor. This is an excellent way to remove discrimination.


Finnish Teachers Are Concerned With The Happiness Of Their Student

classrooms in finland

Just imagine that you have a teacher that will only teach you what you want? This actually happens only in one place in the World, and that is Finland. They teach you what you want to learn. They don’t force you to learn. Their students force them to teach them favorite Subject.


Finnish Education System Discover Passion Of Their Students

Finnish Education has got rid of the competitive exam and any kind of standardized exam. They only discover the passion of their students and provides every facility so they can conquer their passion.


Every School Is Same In Finland Whether It Is Situated In City Or Outside City

There is no differentiation between the Schools of Finland. Every school in Finland is provided with the same facility. So there is no mad race between the schools that which school is number one.


In School, Itself They Have Poetry, Music , Sport, Cooking And Industrial Works

In school itself, they have these kinds of exciting stuff. Finnish students try everything I mean they learn poetry, music, sport, baking and much more. And anything that can make their brain work better and anything which gives happiness.


Some other astonishing facts

Finnish students are allowed to choose their future. Finnish teachers will teach what the kids want and what they see for their future.  Finnish students get triple amount of recess time as that of an American student.

According to the Finnish education system, School is a way for finding happiness, and a way to learn. Their system has got rid of competitiveness and them just to discover what your passion is.

Now I’m just packing up my bag and planning to go to Finland until my post graduation is over.

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