It’s been nearly 40 years since the Internet has been invented. And now with billions of people using it, we cannot think how we could have lived without it. Throughout these years a lot of interesting trivia about the internet has emerged. 

I’ve compiled some of the most interesting ones for you. There are some fun, scary, and weird internet facts. So if that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then keep on reading.


1. The “Fi” part of Wi-Fi doesn’t mean fidelity. Actually, there is no meaning behind it! The inventor picked it due to rhyming with Hi-Fi.

2. Approximately 4.66 billion people are using the internet, just a little more than half of the world population!

3. The average internet speed is 5.6 Mbps. The highest average is in South Korea with a whopping 26.7 Mbps! Meanwhile, in Philippians, it’s just 3.54 Mbps.

4. We all love online shopping, but did you know that the first-ever item sold on the Internet was a bag of marijuana? This happened in 1971!

5. Unsurprisingly, Google is the most popular website in the world. It gets approximately 5 billion searches a day!

6. Have you ever thought about how much does Internet weigh? No? Me neither, but it would be about 2 ounces or 50 grams. This number was discovered by physicist Russel Seitz, who weighed billions of electrons.

7. About 640 million internet users are from China. This means that every 5th user is Chinese. And probably, for this reason, there is an Internet treatment camp in China!

8. The first-ever webcam video was created in 1991 at the University of Cambridge. But for what reason? All to just monitor a coffee pot!

9. Did you know that only a third of the traffic consists of human searches? The other searches are done by different bots and malware.

10. It’s no surprise that 70% of the emails are spam emails. But did you know that the first spam email was sent in 1978? This was sent by a computer salesman named Gary Thuerk.

11. Ever since Google launched, they collected over 20 petabytes of data. How much is a petabyte? Well, it’s a million gigabytes. So yeah, that’s quite a lot!

12. Internet is way older than you think! The first time the public could use the internet was in 1991. Before that, it was privately used for decades. In 1969 the first intergalactic network (a.k.a Internet) was created.

13. The first social network wasn’t Facebook. It wasn’t even Myspace. Instead, it was! This social network only lasted 2 years (1997-1999). This was used to share photos and information with a smaller group that had similar interests.

14. Ray Tomlinson was the first one to send an email. Who was the receiver? Well, he sent it to himself. Unfortunately, he can’t remember what he wrote. Now over 293 billion emails are sent every day.

15. Li-Fi is the future when it comes to the internet. What is it? Well, Li-Fi works just like Wi-Fi, but instead of using radio frequencies, it uses light frequencies. This is amazing, as the technology promises to be more than 100 times faster than Wi-Fi!

16. Online dating sites like Tinder have changed the way we find love! But do you know how much? Well, thanks to, more than a million babies were born!

17. Nowadays over 100,000 domains are registered each day. But did you know that the first domain was registered in 1985? The domain’s name was and it was used by a computer systems company.

18. The first-ever tweet was tweeted in 2006.  The tweet was a very simple one and simply said: “Just setting up my twittr”. Now there are over 500 million tweets sent every single day.

19. You probably know that Gangnam Style used to be YouTube’s most popular video. Well, now it has been surpassed by another music video. This music video is for the infamous Baby Shark Dance. At the time of writing, it has 8.6 billion views.

20. Love playing video games with friends? Well, online gaming has come a long way from its roots. The first online games were created in the 1980s. These games were called MUDs and were text-based. You can still find some actives ones today!

21. Everybody hates slow internet! But do you know who has one of the fastest internets? The answer is NASA. Their internet speed is a whopping 91 gigabits per second. This is 13,000 times faster than the internet speed of an average American!

22. We’re all used to Google, as it’s easy to use and you can find info very easily. But do you know what was the name of the first search engine? Its name is Archie and it was created in 1991 of the year when the Internet first became public.

23. Nowadays a lot of things are connected to the Internet. These range from smartphones to fridges. But they aren’t as weird as some items. There are a few everyday things like umbrellas, t-shirts, and water bottles that use the Internet as well!

24. The dark web and deep web are places, where people go to buy or do something illegal. This is due to having no government regulations there. You can’t normally go in there as you need a special web browser for it. And the amount of websites on the deep/dark web is mind-boggling. Of all the websites 96% of them is on the dark web or deep web!

25. The first website was created in 1991. The name is World Wide Web Project, and it’s a place where you can get access to a lot of documents. And if you want to, then you can still visit that place as it’s still active! 

26. Estimates are that Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon collectively store at least 1,200 petabytes. (That’s 1.2 million terabytes). 

27. If you wanted to download the entire internet, it would take you approximately 11 trillion years.

28. The Indexed Web contains at least 5.12 billion pages.

29. 995 photos are uploaded on Instagram every second.

30. Around 80% of the images on the internet are of naked women. 12% Of all existing websites online are NSFW. 1 out of every three downloads is NSFW. The online adult industry makes 3000$ a second.

31. The Internet took just four years to reach its first 50 Million Users.

32. 7 People control the whole internet. There are seven people assigned to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) who hold seven different keys. In the case of a Catastrophe, these seven people can meet again and restore the state of the Internet.



As you can see, the Internet is filled with facts. But this is just scratching the surface! There’s way more I could have added, but that way it would have made this article way too long. 

But still, now you can amaze your friends with these internet facts. You can tell them how fast NASA’s internet is or the most popular video on YouTube. Either way, you’ll see some jaws drop! 

I hope you enjoyed this article! Do you know any other interesting facts about the Internet? If so, then don’t be afraid to write them down in the comments. I would love to hear them!