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8 Reasons You Should get a Pixie Haircut

pixie hairstyle

The latest hair trends are recommending short “pixie” hairstyle with careless bangs. Rihanna, Keira Knightley, Michelle Obama … are just some of the stars who gone mad about this absolute hit of the season. This practical hairstyle is suitable for all types of faces and by combining hair length, you can express the proper shape […]

Fashion Life Hacks

4 Hair Hacks Every Guy Should Know

hair hacks for men

There are plenty of articles and videos on women. But I rarely find good tutorials and hacks on men. Here is a video by Joe where he shares four hair hacks that will make your Hairstyle better. So, without further ado, let’s start the video. Hair Hack 1: Blow Dry upside down for increased volume.


7 Best Stores for Teens

best stores for teens

Teenage is a time of personal and family changes. Teenagers change their way of feeling and thinking very intensely. And this, coupled with the physical, emotional and social changes make its development become a whirlwind. The clothes we wear speaks of us, and it’s no different in teenage time, where it often becomes a way […]


6 Smart Tips For Men On How To Build A Versatile Wardrobe

tips to build a versatile wardrobe

Having a wardrobe full of branded and fashionable clothes is easy for people who do not look at their bank balance while shopping at their favorite fashion outlets. But, for a regular guy like you and me, it is a hard task. We need to spend the month on a budget, and, therefore, it becomes […]