6 Ways To Conquer Your Fear of Change

6 Ways To Conquer Your Fear of Change

Change implies something new, something that should be acquainted, to what we need to be adapted. The first association to the word change are probably “risk” and “uncertainty”. Risk and uncertainty are logically associated with a feeling of fear. Thus, the greater is the change in front of us, the higher fear it is.

In life, sometimes we are in a situation that doesn’t suit us. Where we are unhappy – in love relationships, friendship, apartment, business, government – but we hardly make a decision to change something. We tried not to see some things. To get used to it, to change ourselves, but nothing has given the result which we wanted. And so we remain in a position that doesn’t suit us. Where we are unhappy, out of fear of uncertainty that change brings.

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When we are in this situation, what we shall do – stay forever in a position that doesn’t suit us? Some will get sick of dissatisfaction. Those who generally have no difficulty in making decisions will already choose for themselves some other way. Some people will need a help of experts. And some will be enough to discuss with themselves what is the best solution for them.

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This text is designed for the last mentioned. The idea is to get some useful, practical guidance on how to make a decision – whether to make a major change or not?

1# When you make an important decision, when you weigh some options it is good to put these thoughts on paper. Focus your thoughts on the problem but in a constructive way.

2# If it is a change which is, conditionally speaking, imposed, first think about the consequences that it brings. Try to weigh the situation, make a list of “pros and cons”, but it is very important to take a positive attitude. Make sure you get the best out of the situation. Instead of feeling like a victim of fate, take control of your life and wishes.

3# When a big decision is in front of you, it means that it will significantly affect the quality of your life, so it is good to describe (write) how would your life look like for (eg.) 5-10 years, if you would risk and exit from the situation where you are, and on the second paper describe how would your life look like if you don’t make a change.

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4# Once you have decided what you wanted it, well, prepare the ground for a change. Actively looking for a new job and train yourself to acquire the necessary skills for the occupation you desire. Contact the embassy or friends abroad. Get information about buying real estate, announcing partner that you want to speak with it… take steps towards the realization of change.

5# Sometimes you will be very clear what you want, but you will feel too much fear of loneliness, lack of money, failure… In such a situation, it is necessary to examine the rationality of your beliefs that lie behind these fears. This check you will never be able to do well by yourself and solve the irrational beliefs and the accompanying emotions of excessive fear. If you don’t succeed, you can always pay someone who is qualified and who will help you to free you from stumbling stones called fear of change.

6# The lack of change makes us closed. Limits us to certain things and places that are already known doesn’t allow the mind to develop and to be open to the new things. It also makes it difficult for personal growth and development, learning and development as individuals.

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The human brain operates on the principle of information and accepts things that he already knows while rejecting the unknown. Therefore, it is important to accept the fact that change is something natural and convenient for us. It’s okay to feel the uncertainty and fear that we will be able to deal with it and even profit from this experience. Over time, we become better at accepting change. And thereby reduce stress every time something unusual happens that makes us change our usual way of functioning.

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