12 Things You Can Do To Feel Better When You are Down

12 Things You Can Do To Feel Better When You are Down

 Gone are the days when we were little kids who had everything in life and the only reason we used to be sad was because our parents did not let us have the candy or the new pencil box. That time, we hadn’t lost anyone dear to us and there were no “memories” that were major enough to lead us to depression. We had no expectations and we lived the life in the present.

You know why dogs are happy? Because they live in the present and only think about what’s in front of them. We, on the other hand, are always lost in our own world of thoughts and dreams which could be the reason why we tend to feel down at times. Even though it is perfectly fine to feel upset at times, you still need to draw the line and take steps to feel better.  Here is what you need to do if you want to feel better, instantly.


Sit and self-reflect.

Feel Better When You are Down

Stop and start questioning why you are feeling low. It is important to know what is bothering you, so you could rectify the problem, if possible. Else, you would know how to adjust to it.


Talk to someone.

It is easier to bottle up your feelings so that no one gets to know how miserable you are. In the world of Facebook, we always want to tell others that we have been doing perfect and nothing is bothering us. But, if you reach out to someone who is understanding–which could be your friend or your parent—you would feel a lot better.

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Play with pets

Feel Better When You are Down

This is why you got to have a dog. No family with a dog is ever down in the dumps as they always have their dog to play with. Stroking their furry skin indeed produces happy hormones and your soul will feel better.


Go for a walk

While all you want to do is sit in your pajamas and watch a TV show, you must push yourself to go for a walk. Walking alone helps you clear your head and get rid of all negative energy.

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Drink something healthy.

Feel Better When You are Down

When you take care of yourself, you always feel good about your life. This is why when you have a healthy juice which you love it would make you feel serene. Healthy juices have several mood uplifting benefits. Else, coffee also works for me.



You don’t have to exceptional in grammar as you are going to write only for yourself. This is why it is said that you should keep journals. If you get your thoughts and feeling out in front of your eyes, you will feel that you got a load off from your head.

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Take a nap.

Feel Better When You are Down

Or as it is said, sleep on it. There are times when you feel low and just need to recharge. Sleep helps you relax and calm your mind and you would wake up energetic.


Plan a fun activity.

You might not be feeling like doing anything, but you know very well what you enjoy. So plan for some fun, either invite a friend over or decide to create something like a vision board or paper craft. You could even go as far as planning a trip with friends.

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Do something spontaneous

And there are times when you need not stick to your plan and do something spontaneous as those things generally are filled with fun. If we let go of our routine every now and then, you would end up doing exciting things.

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Feel Better When You are Down

This is when sitting in pyjamas help, as you can watch some hilarious TV show or a movie. Or you can spend time with someone who makes you laugh and has an amazing sense of humor. Everyone has that one friend!


Reconnect with Someone

Often we are low as we miss the old times and the present seems too dull. Either way, if you reconnect with someone who you haven’t talked to in a long time, you would cheer up. It is nice to talk about the good old memories with them as it fills your heart with love and appreciation for what your life has been.

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Try to find the positive in the negatives

Feel Better When You are Down

Last but not the least, every situation that happens always has some positive in store and you can look at the positives instead of focusing on the negative. For example, if you are stuck in a bad job, there still must be something great that you are learning. You should appreciate it for all the good it has.

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