The Seven Step Formula For Goal Setting

The Seven Step Formula For Goal Setting

Successful people are one among those people who always planned their goals. Yes, to get success in life, you need to be goal oriented. Having a clear picture of the target will help you reach your goal faster.

When you are following a specific process or procedure as per the plan, then reaching the goal is not at all a tough task.

Here is a seven-step formula for goal setting.


Write down your goal

The Seven Step Formula For Goal Setting

You need to write down your goal in a specific and measurable format. You should write what do you want to achieve in the field or area you like. Making a detailed format can be really useful.


Have your own deadline for your goal

A goal without a deadline is of no use at all. Yes, it is important to set a deadline if you are really dedicated to achieving it. Just break your goal into phases and set deadlines for each phase.

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What should you do?

The Seven Step Formula For Goal Setting

This is one of the most important steps among all the seven steps. You will have to write down about what should you do to achieve the goal.

If you are coming across something new that you will have to do to achieve your goal, then you need to add it to the list as well.


Organize the steps now

When you are ready to reach the goal and listed down what has to be done, then it is time to organize the list into small groups. It gets easier for you if you can split the steps into groups and then start working on them.

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Identify your obstacles

The Seven Step Formula For Goal Setting

You may not be able to predict all the obstacles yourself, but you will be able to predict a few of them.

It is always good to make a note of all of them and then work towards it. You should plan things in such a way that you can overcome the obstacles.


Start working towards the goal

Once you are done with the identification of the goal you want to achieve, your actual plan, your steps to take towards the goal, your obstacles that you may face, then it is now time to start the real action.

Yes, it is time for you to start working on the first set of steps that you planned as a first phase.

Once you begin working towards your goal, remember that you can do anything that you feel like will take you to the goal, but plan it in such a way that it takes you to the goal.

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Work on it daily

The Seven Step Formula For Goal Setting

As you already made a plan and strategy towards achieving your goal, you must now be aware of approximately how long will it take to reach your goal.

You will have to work something simple or major every day that will take you towards your goal. This simple step of doing things every day to achieve your goal will make you feel how important it is to reach the goal and that keeps you motivated as well.

This is not a tough plan for sure. You will have to do what you wanted to do but in a systematic way so that you can reach the goal successfully.

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