The holiday season is officially over.  After the massive kilograms we have accumulated thanks to the rich festive table, it is necessary to return our body and organism in shape. So, it’s time to get back to exercise and re-focus on your health and wellness.

After a long time without training, we can ruin the exercise results so much and achieve the look and shape as if we had never trained.  Even when something like this happens, we cannot just leave it to the situation.


Why it’s important to get back into exercise?

How to Get Back into Exercise Mode in 2018

Keeping body weight within the limits of an ideal does mean not only a good appearance but also a good health condition of the whole organism.

In addition to slim body and tight muscles, regular exercise stimulates circulation and makes the skin looks more natural and beautiful. Exercise reduces the risk factors for all heart diseases, provides good mental health and helps to cope better with stress, anxiety, depression…

Exercise alone won’t do the magic trick; you need to adopt a healthy diet as well. Exercise consumes a lot of energy, but it also brings happiness, with a good feeling of looking good, disciplined and healthier. It’s a good feeling to be in shape.

Now when you know all the benefits that exercising brings, you only need a motivation. To be understood, motivation, when you finally find it, if it is not grounded for the right reasons, quickly disappears. And then, again, it is unfair to blame the motivation because of the short duration. Motivation is something you repeat every day. Until you stop thinking about it and become a habit. And from this habit, your new lifestyle arises, which you no longer think about, becomes so notorious.


1. Imagine your future self

How to Get Back into Exercise Mode in 2018

Do you want tomorrow to be this sluggish as today, or you want to be fit and in good shape? Is it better for you to not be able to climb on the fifth floor without a lift, or you would you like to be able to run across those steps without getting breathless?  How do you like that lack of confidence when you need to go to the celebration of the anniversary of graduation as a three times bigger version of the young person who graduated? Would you like to appear and glitter, grabbing the compliments of your companions? Is there any dress or suit that can no longer wait?

Many people find motivation in themselves when they refocus a picture of their future desired self. If you put this image in a real-time frame, you will hardly lose the motivation to reach that goal, no matter how long it may be the way. In fact, only then this journey becomes very interesting and inspiring.

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2. Select an activity that suits you

How to Get Back into Exercise Mode in 2018

Do you know that running helps to get a good shape and endurance and consume more calories? But you think that running is not for you? Don’t do something that is fancy, what others do, or theoretically, you know it’s good, so it would be good for you too. It would not be if you don’t like it. If you are a yoga-type, you will certainly not go to boxing. And you shouldn’t.

The period after the break is the period when the wishes are much greater than the real possibilities. You will be prompted to return to training as soon as possible, but be smart and don’t force yourself. If you want to know how to exercise properly, or what exercises are right for, look for some health websites, and you will find all the answers and right advice from experts. The main thing that everyone knows – do it step by step; the whole season is in front of you!

If you wish to keep your motivation alive and track your newly formed habit, start a health blog and start writing down your activities.

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3. Compete

How to Get Back into Exercise Mode in 2018

If you don’t have anyone to compete with, compete with yourself. If you walk, set yourself the goal of walking longer, or to cross the larger path for the same time. If you go to the gym, at the end of the standard training, you can add something else to do the scheduled hour. If you run, increase the distance you travel, even for a meter. Run your own diary of exercising. You know what you’re doing. You’re building a better version of yourself.


4. It doesn’t happen all at once, and the change will not happen tomorrow

We didn’t just wake up fat and sluggish one morning. We worked on this without doing anything for years. It is most important to be aware that the change will not happen overnight and you will not wake up slim and fit one morning. In fact, you’ll wake up one morning slim and fit, but not tomorrow morning.

The change is when you do something step-by-step, you are reconciled with time and current possibilities, and you know that you have a goal. You cannot run for more than five minutes, but tomorrow you can run six minutes. First, you cannot do three squats, but the day after tomorrow you can do five with weights. If you relax and forgive yourself the current limitations and shape, you will also have the motivation, with the satisfaction of everyday progress.

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