Breaking up a relationship even while you are deeply in love? It seems inconceivable, but sometimes, it becomes a decision as painful as it needs.

Leaving someone you love is an act that is experienced as something against nature. It doesn’t seem rational, it is not orderly, it is not in harmony with our view of the world, and it has no meaning. If you want someone, you want him/her to be by your side, right? So why do you suffer if you are doing what you are supposed to do?

How to Get over Someone

You have to forget someone, but to do so, learn how to forget a love. It is very difficult, but over time we can stop wondering and achieve things that we thought we wouldn’t be able to do.

It is beautiful when you live those wonderful loves. But it also becomes very stormy when it comes time to recapitulate and start again our life. We cannot drag a past through life, we have to get ahead for ourselves, or for our families.

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Here are tips on things that can help us if we need to forget a great love. Some tips will serve you more than others, but these things can certainly help straighten our life without the person we still love.

  • Recognize that you are no longer in his/her life. You must accept that is over and that for the moment things are like this.
  • Remember, everything bad that you have lived next to him/her, don’t idealize him/her, and look at him/her as the person who has behaved badly with you.
  • It is easier to remember beautiful things, but you record in your mind the lies that he/she has told you and you will see everything with other eyes.
  • Remember all the unfaithfulness that has been and how low she/he has fallen with this deception.

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  • Never remember your birthday, or anniversaries, it’s a disaster!
  • He/she is a problem in your life, and bad must be removed so that you can move forward.
  • Do cleaning in your life. As when you clean the wardrobes and that what still serves you left, but the rest you give away.
  • The heart needs to be free and healthy, so you can receive the good things that life has prepared for you.
  • Don’t look at your relationship as wasted time, see it as life experience, not as something to remember.

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How to Get over Someone

  • Give the best for yourself and for others, regardless of whether others do the same for you.
  • Don’t say that you have a problem that you cannot solve, God knows your problem and you have Him.
  • Fill your life with things that suit you, go to the gym, the beauty salon, and look beautiful (you deserve it).
  • Read books you never thought you would read, use your hands to create things, paint, draw, cook, etc.
  • Call your friend whom you have not heard or seen for a long time. Organize some coffee time and try to remember beautiful moments of yours.

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  • Never wait for a call (he/she will not call).
  • Cry if you need it, shake off your tears and start again… The tears are to erase the pain.
  • And don’t avoid talking about him/her, the more you let your feelings flow, the easier it will be. Think about everything like about a movie that passes and passes until it reaches the end.

How to Get over Someone

It seems like all these tips were unnecessary, right? But they are good advice, and they will help you to forget someone who doesn’t deserve to continue to be the center of your heart. Try to make some changes in your life and you will see that little by little everything will change. What you once thought could never happen, now is happening… and now you are more beautiful, more worried about you, you want to forget, and you will get it. Take care, worry about yourself, your appearance, your heart, and your joy.

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