A Guy and a Girl Can Never Be Best Friends! My Story.

A Guy and a Girl Can Never Be Best Friends! My Story.

I was trying to figure what to write here because you are the one that crosses my mind day and night. I was a shy guy during my school time who always maintained a distance from girls. I never had, and I never wanted to have a relationship with a girl during my school days. In fact, my friends always told me that a Boy-Girl could never be friends. But when I entered the college I made new friends it was a different atmosphere for me. But in college, I saw many of my friends having friends of opposite sex, and they did not cross the line.

But Boy-girl can never be friends…

It was the season of Autumn when I saw a girl in the college who blew my mind. My heart was falling for her on the ground, just like the leaves from trees fall on the ground in autumn. We became good friends, and I guess nearly best friends.

boy and girl can never be friends

She used to take care of me like an elder sister and for me, she was the world. I told her I would never propose her, and we will never cross the line. But then again… Boy-girl can never be friends…..

We were having perfect conversation day and night it was like I have the whole freaking world in my hands. But then there was no one to remind me that we were just friends.

I always tried to act cool in front of her and maybe stupid, but whatever I do, I just wanted to see her smile. Day by day, inch by inch… I was getting closer to her. She almost sensed that I could see through her hazel eyes. Boy-girl can never be friends…..

Her smile was giving butterflies to me she was all I wanted all I desire. But then after few months, we had a fight in conversation. We talked, we fought, and we screwed. I guess you are damn cute for this kind of shit. So I will walk away because some things are better untouched. And now I can’t act anymore the things you do to me that will not hurt me.
Buy Boy-girl can never be friends…..

I will walk out from your life So,
“You could be happier.”
“I could be happier.”
“We could be happier.”
What if I fell in love with you mistakenly?
And you don’t love me back
I can’t bare this kind of pain I love you that’s it.

But Boy-girl can never be friends…..

why boy and girl can never be friends

I can’t tell you how much I love you because I am afraid that my friendship will be over. I can’t put friendship on the line because if I don’t talk to her, my world will be full of darkness. But what can I do then?

I can never propose her I can never tell her how much I love her so what this friendship is for?

I get jealous when she talks to her boyfriend. But why should I get jealous she is just my friend I ask myself. But I could never get the answer. Boy-girl can never be friends…..

Walking away is the only option left for me. What if she fell in love with me and she breaks up with her boyfriend just because of me. I can’t be that cruel how can I? I can’t see tears in those hazel eyes because of me. So if you ever think that you can be best friends with girls then it’s your biggest mistake. Because either you or she will fall for you at some point in life. Boy-girl friendship is like a house of cards it can get blown away by the gentle storm.

Keep in mind; Boy-girl can never be friends…..

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Hi, I'm Caleb, a 22 (almost) years old ambivert. Either I prefer to talk less or go on blabbering endlessly. I write to vent my feelings, to discover myself, to escape reality. I write to be me.

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