7 Habits That Makes You Look Uncivilized

7 Habits That Makes You Look Uncivilized

Our habits bind us, and some say that we can implement bad habit infractions of the second. If we want to remove our bad habits than it would take a hell of a time. A Gentlemen is one who puts more into the world than he takes out. Many habits make us look so uncivilized, but few of them are listed below.

7 Habits That Makes You Look Uncivilized


Peeking into your partner’s mobile when s/he is chatting

Habits That Makes You Look Uncivilized

We all have done this! Sometimes it’s annoying for your partner, and you may end up fighting. I can’t understand why people see their partner’s mobile while they are chatting. It is none of their Bussiness. Please don’t do this, you look uncivilized doing this kind of activities.


Not standing in queue

Now, this thing happens almost everywhere and everytime. I guess this is stuff we have learned from our ancestor that we should never stand in the line. But we need to change this; we will be next ancestor one day so make sure you change your habits now so that our next generation will stand in the queue. Always stand in the line no matter where you are, whether you are stuck in traffic, or you are at the railway station. If you don’t stand in a queue, it looks so much uncivilized. Other guys are not a fool who are standing in a line.

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No patience

Habits That Makes You Look Uncivilized

The world is very fast indeed it’s hard to have patience in today’s world. But the guy who can master the art of patience in today’s world can be very successful. One moment of patience may ward off great disaster. One moment of impatience may ruin a whole life. The impatient person looks so uncivilized in public. It feels like the anxious person has the world on the shoulder. An anxious person usually ends up in fighting with another person without any proper reason.


Finding negativity in everything

Some people find negativity in everything, and this is so uncivilized. They speak bad words to God, bad words to the country that they live in, and bad words to the environment.

I can’t understand why people blame Government for everything and God too. Instead of thanking God for the positives, some people always try to find negativity. This is just sick.

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Using abusive language in public

Habits That Makes You Look Uncivilized

Young boys generally do this, and I can’t describe even in words that how much uncivilized it looks while using offensive language in public. Boys think that using abusive language in public will make them look cool and if they believe so, then they are the biggest fool in this world. Guys, please don’t use abusive language in public or where ever you are it makes you look uncivilized. Be a Gentleman says no to abusive language.



Discrimination can be on many bases like skin color, another state, and caste. It makes you look uncivilized if you discriminate people and judging the people does not define who they are? It defines who you are? So keep calm and support equality.

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Staring girls and passing offensive comments

Habits That Makes You Look Uncivilized

We all stare girls it’s common but staring her again and again and making her uncomfortable that’s uncivilized. Some guys even pass offensive comments to the girls in public and then they act like that they didn’t say anything.

They think that the Girl didn’t notice that but guys, please understand that Girl notice everything. Please don’t stare girls that much that they feel awkward and never pass any offensive comments. If you pass offensive comments to a stranger then just remember that one day your sister too is going to hear the same offensive comment from someone else. How will you feel then?

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