Living in the age where people want things for free. But I found the most valuable, Your heart. Well, now you have got his/her heart the next vary things come into your mind how can you keep this. It’s not as difficult as you think it’s quite complicated to and sometimes it gives you pain also but I consider this as Sweet pain. There are so many reasons to be happy, one of them is you. Here I’m gonna tell you 8 Hacks that will light up your relationship and will keep your relationship away from any kind of darkness.

December is the season of Love and these hacks will help you in keeping your Love alive.

Hacks To Keep Your Relationship Alive

Treat each other with kindness and respect

This is the first law in Love you have to treat your partner with Kindness and respect. The logic is very simple if you seek kindness and respect from your partner first learn to give. Always greet your partner with the smile and don’t you dare to disrespect your partner in public.


Say sorry when you need to

Don’t have any kind of ego in your relationship. Say sorry when you have done something wrong don’t be like that if I say sorry I will be of less Self-standard. Losing your self-respect in front of your partner will not make you look weak instead it will show that you don’t want to lose this relationship.


Be Honest

Hacks to keep relationship alive

Be honest when you are in the relationship even if you lie about little things than there plenty of chance that your relation won’t work. And don’t make them feel like loved if you honestly don’t love them. Be real and be honest with them because what goes around comes around one day.


Understand and accept what they are

Yes, guys, you need to implement this. Understand them and accept for what they are. The main problem in today’s world about the relationship is that most of the person looks for the person from which they were rejected or ignored. We always seek that person in our new partner and if they don’t resemble that person than we get angry with yourself. So guys stop comparing them with your Ex and start accepting them for what they are.


Don’t talk about their failings

It is the important rule that you need to understand them so that your relationship flame will be burning brighter. Don’t ever talk about their failings. It will hurt your partner so much that she/he might get annoyed with you. And if you talk about their failings, again and again, it may end up the fight and ultimately “Break-up”.


Aim to make them smile

Hacks to keep relationship alive

It has to be your biggest aim make them smile no matter what happens. Even tell them that you are really proud to have them in your life. Send them Good morning and Good night messages give them little gifts. These types of little things and little efforts will be the cause of their beautiful smile. One smile can’t change the world but your smile can change mine. So go out and make them smile!


Just love them for what they are don’t demand anything

Never ever demand anything from your partner and love them for what they are. Don’t expect anything from your partner because expectation always hurts. Always remember that expectations ruin the relationship. “I love you so much, I just want you to be happy, even if that happiness no longer includes me.”


Never ignore them

Make your relationship last

Don’t ignore them and tell your partner that you are so privileged to have them in your life. If you keep ignoring them one day they will also start ignoring you. We are always attracted to the ones that ignore us, and we are annoyed by the ones that care for us too much. Happy Winters!

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