You might think that you have found the perfect man for you, but somewhere in the back of your mind, you don’t think that he thinks the same way about you. Well, it is possible that his response isn’t warm enough to assure you that he likes you as much as you like him, but he gives you just enough so you are always there for him. If you are confused and don’t want to waste time around this guy, until he is very serious, it’s time to know if he is indeed into you or not. Here are a few signs which tell he might not be.


He is not around you.

Signs He is Not Into You

If a guy is attracted to you, he will find different ways to be around you. He might tease you or irritate you, but would always strive to get your attention. He would try to get closer to you and be there to talk to you whenever you want but, if they don’t like you as much they wouldn’t be bothered to spend any time with you until you say so.


He doesn’t seem interested in conversations.

He might be a perfect bed-time pal but when it comes to having a meaningful conversation he wouldn’t seem interested. Even if it is a casual talk, he might suggest how he has to do something really important and thus, won’t show up for the lunch. Guys take out time to text or call the people they want to talk to and you must never believe them when they say they have been occupied with other things. As it is clear that he has other priorities that he is more interested in rather than talking to you. And, worse comes to worst, whenever you are talking to them, he would reply is a suggestive way so that the conversation ends. It is one clear sign.

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He talks like you are his friend.

Signs He is Not Into You

If he is always talking to you in a casual tone, and never a romantic or extraordinary way to get your attention, it means he is not interested in you “that” way. There is a variation in the voice when guys talk to the girls they like because they try to bring out their best version to impress them. If he is putting in no efforts, it shows he isn’t giving you the special attention but just talking to you like a random friend.


He tells you about the girls he likes.

You might be thinking that it’s great how he doesn’t hide his crushes from you, but it might be one of his signs to tell you to not be too serious with him. Wait, don’t get confused if he is telling a story about some girl, as everyone does that once in a while, but if they bring out a few names out of nowhere and start telling you how they have a huge crush on someone, or tells you about his varied fantasies, it is pretty sure he doesn’t think of you that way and only considers you as their friend.

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Bad body language

Signs He is Not Into You

Notice if he likes to sit close to you or makes eye contact while talking to you or when you both are in the same room. The more he does that, the more he is into you. But, if in case he generally maintains a distance from you and doesn’t look you in the eye, am sorry girl, but he is not so interested.


He cancels plans.

Now he could be giving a million reasons why he cannot attend the party you invited him to or why he stood you up, they could be false excuses not to be with you. Now, it can happen once or maybe twice, but all the time? Damn girl gets a stand and get rid of him. Avoid buzzing him and get away from this person as fast as you can without any harm to your self-esteem.

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He flirts not only with you but everyone else.

Signs He is Not Into You

Yes, he flirts with you, but on the same note, he flirts with all the other girls. You catch him texting girls from high school in a flirty manner and you find him flirting with all the girls at a party. You are not special then, and he is just hanging around you because you give him enough attention back. Guys like these love to gain attention from as many girls as they could and they wouldn’t stop at you.