It’s Friendship week and we’d like to wish our readers a Happy Friendship Day. Today, we want to deliver a message that’s a bit different from what we usually do.

This friendship week, we want you to help your friend who is in trouble and is seeking your help desperately. Find a friend whose life has been a downward spiral and show them your love. Make them feel that they aren’t alone. Someone wise once said, “If you want to know a man, look at his friends!”.

Everyone wants to enjoy with you when you are good, but no one cares once you are down. Don’t be that friend. Your ten minutes spent in helping that one friend emotionally may not be a big deal to you, but for that particular person, it definitely is. People like to feel wanted. They want to know that someone, somewhere does feel for them. We aren’t talking about Karma and other such irrelevant stuff here. It’s a pure humanistic approach.

Call your friend, meet them in person, or video call them. Talk your heart out and listen to what they have to to say. If they seem to be really stressed out, you can try doing some of the things mentioned below.


Don’t ask them the reason over and over again

Help a stressed out friend

Because it is their life. Even if you want to be a part of theirs, keep in mind that some things are really personal and they may not want to share it with anyone. Ask them once, and keep your mouth shut if they don’t answer. You shouldn’t force them to spit it out.

IF You really really want to hear the complete answer from them, simply keep quiet after they have replied and they will start talking about the topic again. Research shows that they might even reveal more info than they were going to, in the first instance.

Do not offer them generic advice. “Trust in God”, “You aren’t alone”, “It’ll get better” “I care about you”.

Nobody was ever able to get out of such situation with those useless advice.

Trust in God“, I mean come on, God doesn’t have enough time to deal with your problems. If he had, you wouldn’t be where you are in the first place.

You aren’t alone” Alright? Is the whole nation with me? The town? City? You come in this world alone, and you die alone. That’s the harsh truth. Nobody will really be there for you when you are down.

It’ll get better” How? Will the govt come and help me out? Will bill gates come down to offer me some bucks? It’s never gonna happen.

I care about you” If you did, you probably would have started helping him/her out by now.

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The solution?

Offer them real actionable solutions.

Stressed because you lost your job? I’ll help you out!

Stressed because you ran out of money? I can lend you some!

Stressed because you ended your relationship? Just deal with it, everyone goes through at least 3 heartbreaks before they find “the one.”

and so on…….


Take them for outing

How to Help a Stressed-out Friend

If you stay at a particular place for a long time, you will start feeling trapped, this trapped feeling can also lend you in that dangerous depression zone. If you feel the same has happened to your friend, take them out for an outing.

Go watch a movie with them. Or do whatever that makes them happy, even if you don’t like doing it. It will make them feel alive again, and once they do feel the same, they will be able to handle the situation better.

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Motivate them

Helping a friend who is stressed

Stressed spelled backward is desserts. Make them feel good about themselves. Never discourage them by saying it’s impossible for you. Sometimes the best thing you can do is to tell them to not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best if they put in the work to fix it.


Love them & give them things which they like

how to help a friend who is stressed

Love them & tell them you are always with them no matter what happens. Buy them food they like. And remind them that they are precious to you.

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Pray for them

helping a friend who is in stress

This is a good thing to do. Even though we strongly believe that anything is possible if you put your mind into it, it is sometimes hard to explain this to the second person. In which case, just one thing may work well for them, and that’s praying. Secretly pray for them & ask God to solve their problems. Don’t tell them you are praying for them, as it may sound selfish. Just pray. And be patient, sooner or later they will overcome it.

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