Don’t Let Tight Budget Stop You from Hitting the Road

Don’t Let Tight Budget Stop You from Hitting the Road

While most people out there dream of traveling the world, there are numerous fears that are constantly dissuading them from pursuing this dream. To some, this is the fear of leaving their comfort zone or heading out into the unknown but more commonly, people are reluctant to go on such a voyage because of a tight travel budget.

A plane ticket is all but inexpensive and so is gas. Then, there is the cost of the lodging and all the other expenses the hitting the road brings. Nonetheless, in this day and age, you have more than a few ways of cutting these costs and here are some of them.


Plan your transportation

Train (railways)
The first thing you will focus on here is finding a cheap flight to your target destination, which shouldn’t be that big of a problem in this day and age. All you need to do here is download an app that will help you find a cheap flight, such as Kayak, Hipmunk or Kiwi. The way some of them work is that they offer you flights that people canceled at the last minute, which might result in you getting the deal of your lifetime.

Another thing you need to keep in mind when planning to travel on a budget is that you should never underestimate the price of transportation. Sure, airplane or boat ticket can already cost a fair chunk of your travel budget but your needs for transportation don’t stop here. Think about it. All the tours you are going to attend, all the traffic around your target destination isn’t inexpensive either. Luckily, there are more than a few ways around this, as well.

driving by a car
The first obvious idea is to download Uber instead of going with local taxi services. The main reason behind this is the fact that local taxi drivers usually have a tendency to overprice the rounds they do for tourists. Other people, however, fix this problem by renting a car but this brings several problems of its own. First, this method is only cost-effective if you expect to move quite a bit and second, you are completely unfamiliar with the local traffic, which could end up being a significant issue.

Finally, those who are in good shape and don’t mind a bit of physical exercise might decide to walk or even rent a bike. Aside from being extremely inexpensive and support your budget travel, this is also a great way to make your visit to this country completely unique.

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Alternative means of accommodation

The most conventional way of solving your accommodation problem is to simply look for local hotels and book something prior to going to the actual trip. Unfortunately, this method is also the most expensive one, aside from not being 100 percent reliable.

A much cheaper solution would be for you to go hotel hopping. For this, however, you would have to find a reliable platform such as 1000 Trees. Other than that, you might also want to try couch surfing, which is a simple and inexpensive way to gain friends amongst locals. Still, the reason why so many people (especially solo travelers) avoid this option is that it simply doesn’t seem safe enough.

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Where and what to eat

Don't Let Tight Budget Stop You from Hitting the RoadAnother major mistake that a lot of travelers make in regards to local cuisine is believing they have to go to a prestigious restaurant to get the real taste of their target destination. This is particularly troublesome due to the fact that these restaurants (not unlike aforementioned taxi drivers, inflate their prices for the sake of tourists). With the help of a local guide or a simple tip from a friendly stranger, you can easily find places where locals eat and try your luck there. Those willing to save some more might even hit the market and try to make some of these recipes come to life on their own. Finally, those who are couch sitting might have an even more organic (and inexpensive) access to the local cuisine.

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In conclusion

Finally, probably the best piece of advice for cheap traveling (which we already addressed several times) is to try acting like a local. Simply travel like the locals do, eat where they eat and try to sleep where they would sleep. Aside from adjusting your spending to their standard, this would also give you a unique experience of your target destination. In other words, you would get to see the place you are visiting through the eyes of a local instead of observing it through the lens of a foreigner. This experience alone is completely invaluable and something you should never underestimate.


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