One common problem in relationships is a story about romance, more precisely, where does romance disappears. You reproach to your partner for that he is no longer romantic, and romance was used only to get your attention.

What is romance? Are you romantic and what you mean by romantic gestures, and what doesn´t reach your heart? Whether is hard to get you with romantic moments only dedicated to you or you think that romance is the same thing as pathetic?

If you are prone to throw sparks from your eyes, smiling gentle and discreet touching, some will characterize you as a person who is prone to flirt, and it is possible that you are only a hopeless romantic.

If you are of those who believe in the fairy tale of love, most likely you have heard during the life of the various things on your account, but the most important is to “come down to the earth.”

Romance can lead to greater satisfaction in male-female relationships.

hopeless romantic


During my research on the topic of romance, I came across an interesting survey regarding the impact of romance on a love relationship. To measure how romantic beliefs affect the love relationships, the researchers analyzed the answers of respondents through an online questionnaire and beliefs involving “love at first sight”, “soul mates”, “love never fades”, “love can cross all barriers ” etc.

The study included 2,700 respondents between 18 and 28 years old, and all are at that point were in relationships. Despite the fact that the romantic beliefs are linked to unrealistic expectations of relationships, the results showed that it can actually be associated with greater satisfaction and commitment.

The second part of the research related to the comparison of the current relationship with the ideal, and people who describe their current relationships told that they are below their expectations. Compared with their image of an ideal relationship were less satisfied and less committed to their relationship.

Such beliefs are can help you see the world around you and your partner through “pink glasses.” Romantic beliefs can encourage you that you behave so as to retain the spark of romance in relationships.

hopeless romantic


These are some of the interesting facts that show that you are a hopeless romantic:

  1. Forget about crying during movies. You can leave a tear even on a commercial for laundry detergent. And not to talk about babies.
  2. When you get a bunch of flowers you almost feel the same excitement like in sex. Almost.
  3. You have been “married” since you were 10 years old, and your wedding ceremony was so thoroughly planned out to be able to organize it next week.
  4. It does not matter how many failed relationships are behind you, you still believe in the right one.
  5. You are so prone to fantasizing about the wonderful love scenario, that can happen to you saying “I love you” instead of “Add me the salt” while dining.
  6. You always knew that Rachel and Ross will end up together. And when you remember that Monika proposed Chandler, you cannot avoid crying.
  7. Even though you’ve never been there, you know that Paris is the most romantic city in the world.
  8. When you’re not next to the person you love, you are adjusting the pillows so that you feel like you’re lying on his shoulder to be able to fall asleep.
  9. Your favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day. Even if you are single, you are incredibly excited.
  10. When you have a new boyfriend you pronounce his last name out loud with your name to see how it sounds. And you spend three sheets of paper by trying signature.
  11. You have a special board with weddings on Pinterest. All you need is a groom.
  12. You insist that you and your boyfriend have a common song. And every time you hear it, you have to dance.
  13. The greatest love story is nothing compared to the story of how you two met. And you’ll never get tired of recounting it again.

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