4 Ways to Host a Great Party

4 Ways to Host a Great Party

Hosting an amazing party isn’t really rocket science, but it IS a fine art. To some people, organizing comes almost naturally, while others struggle to grasp even the essentials. So, how to throw a memorable party without you having to go out of your way to be the life and soul of it?

Well, you have a lot of moving parts to keep an eye on, including the supplies, party theme, and guest list. At the same time, you mustn’t lose sight of what the point of the whole thing is: to have fun. Don’t fret if you already regret your decisions: Here are some can’t-miss secrets to hosting a terrific party that will allow people to be footloose and fancy-free.


Nail the guest list

how to host a great party

First of all, you have to think about what makes or breaks every party, the mix of people who attend it. Don’t be afraid to put together an eclectic guest list: This could really keep the conversation flowing in many directions. Think in terms of different lines of work, cultural backgrounds, generations, income levels, interests, hobbies, life situations, etc.

Disrupts the status quo, and look beyond what is safe and expected. When you bring exciting new aspects into the familiar, you stimulate people. What is more, refrain from keeping the fun just to yourself and get people involved in planning the music, food, and other aspects. Think about assembling a hospitality team. Most people love to play an active role in the party.

Know your guests and seat them accordingly: As a party host, you are basically serving people to one another.


Set the great party stage

how to host a great party

A stunning party can take place in almost any environment. However, the key is to know how to set the stage. It’s rather surprising how many hosts overlook the lighting, which can make everyone look nice and sexy. Don’t make this mistake: instead of classic overhead lighting, go for votives.

Make something surprising happen: Pick an unusual party theme to guide your choices in terms of décor and all those party bells and whistles. Also, consider organizing the party in a place other than your home. This could work really well, especially if your home has seen its fair share of parties and people know its every corner.


Delight them with food and drinks

how to host a great party

The people make the party, but without food and booze, they can easily run out of steam. Therefore, pay close attention to what you put on the table. You can keep it local and simple or go exotic. It’s a good idea to opt for delicious recipes that are convenient to consume and share. Family-style dishes are a nice option for larger gatherings and ice and garnishes should always be around.

So, work your culinary magic or rely on professional catering services. To blow the guests away, you can find experts in mixology from NYC, who combine food with drinks. A meal that is a feast for the eyes as well is sure to serve as a conversation point.

Finally, you can share menu recipes with people and let these takeaways leave a lasting impression.


Make room for fun activities

how to host a great party

Having enough booze may be a no-brainer, but there are many other ways to get people moving and active. Learn how to direct people’s attention and entice them to let their hair down. Games are always a safe bet. Play ping-pong or foosball before dinner. Likewise, other favorite party activities are beer pong, darts, pool, and charades.

If you have a crowd of geeks, let them play a gaming console in a separate room, but not for too long. Joint activities are preferable. Also, remember that music always matters and that you can never make everyone happy with your playlist, or can you? Encourage the invitees to bring their own USBs, CDs, iPods, and other gadgets to have it their way, at least for a few minutes.

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