How Being Vulnerable Actually Helps You

How Being Vulnerable Actually Helps You

We live in a society which only cares you if you are rich, attractive, hang out with popular people and wears branded clothes. I’m not here to blame the society but I’m just here to tell you to stop wearing a mask.

Which mask may you ask?

A wannabe mask, a mask which forces you to act like a rich, a mask which tells you to lie to anyone so you can feel good about yourself, a mask which you are wearing in order to make someone like you & a mask which you are wearing right now just to look good in the eyes of others.

girl removing her mask

Just remove this mask right now….

You know what? Being vulnerable is not a weakness it’s actually a strength. You are not using any kind of a mask to hide the real “you”. If someone treated you badly, then the problem lies with them, not you.

If someone has taken advantage of your vulnerability you should not be ashamed, the person who has done that should be ashamed. It shows their nature, not yours.

How Being Vulnerable Helps You

If you are wearing a mask, then you are under constant stress and pressure to act fake. When you remove your mask you are also removing a lot of pressure from your body.

Let me ask you one thing.

Why do you fake things? Do you think your friends might like you if you fake things? Your crush will fall for you if you fake it? You will become popular by doing so? You think wearing branded clothes will make you look more comfortable. Really?

Your friends aren’t true if they don’t like the real you. Your crush isn’t good if she doesn’t like the real you. You will not become popular if you fake stuff.

If you are wearing branded clothes that’s more than okay but don’t make branded clothes the reason for your happiness.

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Be the real you. There’s a freedom when you can be at peace without being perfect. There’s a freedom when you don’t wear any kind of a mask. There is a freedom in being real. It’s great when you accept weakness in yourself.

There are so many people in this world who are not having the courage to accept weakness in themselves. They are under constant pressure to hide those weaknesses. Just shake that off. Nobody in this world is perfect. If you have any weakness that’s okay, everyone in this world has weaknesses.

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The most important thing in this life is to accept all of your flaws & weaknesses in your life. You see one man on the street he is happy and you thought his life is perfect. Do you know what? This man might be facing depression but yet he is smiling.

Basically, we all are fighting a battle no one knows about.

Your vulnerability is actually a strength.

How Being Vulnerable Actually Helps You

We all have doubts in our life. Even in Bible when John The Baptist was in jail he had a doubt whether Jesus Christ is the real “Messiah”. Even though John has baptized Jesus but still he was having a doubt.

So next time you dream something unique, big or out of the box but you doubt it. Do like this. God, I knew this dream looks impossible in reality but I’m coming to you and I’m trusting you. The divine being likes people who are real to him.

Remove any kind of mask from your life. If someone doesn’t like you when you are real then just walk away from them.

Make sure to keep the door open for the next person to come in your life.

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