It is always best to hope for the best and be prepared for the worst, right? But in this struggle of dreaming and having unlimited expectations from ourselves and people around us, we get disappointed when nothing turns out the way we want. You sit in your backyard and find yourself thinking, “I was going to be successful, but I still am far away from my goals.” This causes frustration and depression to many of us.

Many times you wonder, “I was supposed to have my own house by this time, but why am I still paying rent? Where did I go wrong?” All you need to know is, you are not alone and not everyone achieves their goal when they imagine that they would. It takes time and a lot of efforts. It includes failure as well.

Your high expectations are robbing you off your happiness, don’t you think so? You are not happy about what you have or what little you gained out of your business but are rather upset that you are not what you wanted to be. These expectations make you see all the negatives and you forget to appreciate what you do have in life which you need to be grateful about. And no, I am not saying that you are as down as being happy about “Oh! The sky is beautifully blue”. But at least look around you and all that which makes you happy.

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Well, only few people are the lucky ones who get to live their dreams. Rest of us, are gloomy about the fact that we have a nine to five job which we don’t even like. We find that we have no time for ourselves, but the truth is, we don’t find out time to do what we want to. This is why statistics tell how depression and anxiety are on an all-time high amid people.

How High Expectations Can Lead to Disappointment

It’s not you, it’s the marketing these days.

Even the advertisements do not leave you alone as they always want you to be “Prettier” or “skinny”. Giving people high expectations is what sells. If they claim that their product is going to make you fairer within five days, which is more than any other product out there, people are going to buy it! And then boom, even the product doesn’t match their expectation. They think they could turn into the gorgeous princess, they show in the ads.

The system tells us how we are going to be successful and we follow the rules.

We stick to the basic rules of getting so many internships and landing up on jobs with the good-named companies. The idea of getting good grades in school is what society demands from us, and it was always very disappointing when we did not meet our or our parents’ expectations. Moreover, in India, students are taking their life because of too much pressure on them regarding the studies and that too in the subjects they don’t even like.

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Now, I am not saying we should not have dreams as life would be meaningless if we don’t have them. But, we shouldn’t expect when they will fulfill. We should keep working on it instead of waiting for the results. Moreover, we shouldn’t base our happiness on the personal satisfaction either. Even people, who seem to have everything in this world, are not always satisfied with themselves. That’s human! We should not wait to be happy till we achieve our goals, but rather, we should be happy in the journey towards success.

All the motivational quotes might say, have a positive thinking or never be content with what you have and always work for more, but the world is not only about getting results of all those dreams. It is about living life happily and having wonderful memories which you make on your way to success. Take a break from your rut of sleepless nights, and go to sleep for a while. Plan a fun trip with your friends and then resume where you left off. Because, life is not about living for the future, it is also about living in the present and being prepared that anything can happen.

Otherwise, later in your life when you turn around, you will realize that you lost too many friends and too many chances to have a happy life and all you would be able to do is sit on the porch and have a beer, all by yourself.

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