An important part of a relationship is the attitude with which you face good and bad situations. Negativity can end a relationship slowly; We’re not saying you have to be the smiles princess, but you can definitely give the best of yourself to make things work better.

But do not forget, in a relationship reciprocity is very important. Do not do things for him, or anyone else actually, do it for you and because of you.

Today we’ll leave you a list of some great tips on how to be a better girlfriend.



Do not scold

how to be a good girlfriendHow difficult is the truth? But, well, it is necessary. Most men hate being scolded by their women, girlfriends and even wives. The best way to apply this tip is to try to contain the emotions in situations of fights, not to mention that it is essential that you try not to scold him for things he does in his daily life ( “Do not leave clothes lying”,  ” Why did not you call me? “, ” You never pay attention!”)


Trust him

Distrust is the dealbreaker of thousands of relationships. And although always appease us that we are guilty of the greatest suspicion it is not true… They also distrust!

Anyway, we must try to have more confidence in men, despite rumours, sayings, and all the gossips always around us. Trust your boyfriend and enjoy a healthy relationship.

Remember also that there is nothing that bothers men more than dating a Sherlock Holmes, instead of the girlfriend, he met years ago. Eliminate insecurities, and enjoy a great relationship if there is no reason to distrust.

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Always be honest

how to be a good girlfriend

Sincerity is fundamental. Yes, it is true that often a small fib does not hurt anyone, but it is important, to be honest! And you have, to be honest with your boyfriend. Share all your feelings, all thoughts that cross over your head and you want to share them with him.

If there is any problem or situation that displeases you, always discuss it with him, and do not avoid talking or having awkward conversations by simply avoiding a fight. I bet your soulmate really admire your sincerity and also begin to share not only his best but also his most important problems. Honesty, then? Let’s try at least!


Do not try to change him

It can happen many times that your guy has attitudes or behaviours that you dislike or do not share. What is it that we always do? Try to change it. Error! It is never a good idea to try to change a person who was always in a certain way, simply because it is almost impossible. It is best to accept your partner with his strengths and weaknesses, and if you really want, you will accept that these attitudes do not really struggle you so much.

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Keep your space

How to be a Good Girlfriend

Being independent is one of your most attractive traits to be a good girlfriend. Try not to let the relationship absorb yourself and keep your group of friends, your interests and hobbies. You will convey that you value your space and therefore also understand that he needs his.


Pay attention to him

A guy likes that you have an interest in things he cares about, from his gigs to the Football League. Keep eye contact with him and ask him questions that will show that you care about his life, as a good girlfriend.

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Keep your good mood

How to be a Good Girlfriend

Relationships tend to end by the constant fights, and be aware: sometimes we argue over trifles account. Instead of having that attitude, let us be smiling, attentive and let us not complain about everything and everyone. This will not only help with your guy but in all aspects of life.


Become a friend of his friends

This seems obvious, but we often do not take it into consideration. Pay attention to the things they like, to talk about the topics they are passionate about, so you can start to bond with them. If you make a perfect connection with them, compliments on their part will not be missing, and it will definitely be pleasant for your dear.

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Be smart and ingenious

How to be a Good Girlfriend

A good girlfriend is aware of the world around her. No need to be the female version of Einstein, but you can be witty and funny, and if you combine this with intelligence, you will notice that as well as loving you by your beauty, he also admires your intellect. Remember one thing, to demonstrate intelligence does not need to be a walking encyclopedia, but only master a subject, it is important that you know something, you know it well.

Follow these simple tips, and be the girlfriend that every man wants to have at his side, so you’ll have crazy love and grateful to life because you’ve crossed his path.

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