In this world where everyone is competing, there are two kinds of people, those who lack self-esteem and then there are those who are so egoistic, that humility is far from their sight and actions. You might want to be “perfect” in every way and even believe that you are so, but you need to be humble for respectable relationships in your life. It is of core importance to be modest so that you can be a better friend and life partner. Your family won’t stay with you longer if you are an arrogant and snobbish person. No need to worry though, like the fact that you have realized you lack this quality, it will bring you closer to being one.

Here are ways you can train yourself to have more humility in your soul:

Admit that you might not be the best in everything.

Things You Could Do to be More Humble

You are talented, we get that! But, keep in mind there is always going to be someone who is better than you, in doing what you are best at. It might be your key talent, but it doesn’t mean you are “best” in the whole world. You need to keep this thought down a notch. Even if you are, supposedly and completely “hypothetically”, there are other tasks you cannot do. You have your limitations and you must acknowledge it, while you learn everything out there in the world.


Recognize your faults.

There are times when we judge other people for the flaws they have, but what good are we getting out of it? Rather, we should introspect and find out what’s wrong with us. Being judgmental would only cause trouble in relationships and we forget we need to improve ourselves as well. One must consider how they can bring change in themselves instead of pinpointing and cribbing about others’ faults.

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Be grateful, not boastful for what you have.

Things You Could Do to be More Humble

You might have scored a top position in your university or you might have won an awards & trophies for the best performance, which you should be proud of. It is your hard work which resulted in the same. You should be grateful that it’s the choices you made that you are standing here today, but you need not to tell everyone else about your success. You could not have achieved your goal all b yourself. Its the support of parents and friends who helped you achieve your position.


When you are wrong, admit it.

Apologizing for your mistakes won’t make you a less of a person. People might be angry or frustrated over things that you did, but it is better to admit your mistake than to cover it up with a lie. People appreciate if you are willing to admit that you need to improve. It shows how you are not stubborn and not even selfish (even if your insides are burning with anger over the issue).  People don’t lose your respect, instead, have it more and are empathetic towards you.

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Avoid bragging.

This is the worst, isn’t it? When you keep on rambling about your achievements or even lie about them, it is the most annoying thing you could ever do to a person. If you are doing something great, people are already noticing it and if you keep mum about it, they would teach you to appreciate your work on their own. You don’t need to spread the words just so you could prove to others that you are above them.

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While having a conversation, be more considerate.

You better not talk down to anyone while giving your opinion. Many times we all might have seen how people start abusing each other if someone doesn’t agree with their theory but it is absolutely insane! Everyone has their own thinking process and their own likes and dislikes. It doesn’t mean that they have the worst choice or that you should be rude to them. Be considerate enough to not interrupt when someone else gives their point of view and let them finish before you speak up.

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Appreciate others.

Things You Could Do to be More Humble

It might be the easiest way to gain a sense of humility. If you see someone doing better than you, or someone being good at something, you must give them a compliment for their work. Understand how they are different from you and try to learn something from everyone who you meet in your life. If you change your mindset and be a bit more open-minded to the ideas of other people, you would be able to appreciate others more than ever.

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