To be successful on a personal and professional level, it is necessary to build personal independence. This goal, in the chaotic everyday life, is hard to achieve, but yes, we can get it, if we change ourselves.

Here are some suggestions that can help.

In recent years, the world has changed dramatically. The life of modern people has become uncertain, fast and unsafe. The daily lives are becoming more and more complicated, stressful and demanding.

In response to current events there are often noticeable different dysfunctional extremes:

We see individuals who are working hard until the moment when the health or families begin to be pulled down, while on the other hand, a large number of people are giving up and withdraws, playing the role of the victim, “Just if… the boss is different… I wish I were not born so poor… to live in another country… that partner has more understanding for me… “.

We may be able to blame everything and everyone for our problems, and that might bring us temporary relief, but that will also bind us tightly to our problems.


Let the true meaning of the success

How To Be Successful

In such a chaotic environment, problems are compounded because most people want to solve the problem here and now, wanting to govern others rather than themselves.

However, to succeed it is necessary to strike a balance between the need to meet the requirements of today and investing in capabilities that will bring us success in the future.

Today, most of the people lead with a desire to succeed as a function of satisfying their ego, for the simple reason that the success has become a matter of image and social acceptance, but we often see how successful individuals that after experiencing success suddenly become arrogant braggarts.

However, people who want to achieve success to rise in the eyes of others, even if they get to success, do not feel the permanent fulfillment. The reason is straightforward – because there is always someone who has more, better, more beautiful. This is why most seemingly successful people feel empty inside, but it is a cause of a serious problem – binding something negative to the very notion of success due to misconceptions of success.


Set priorities

People often know very well what is best for them and what needs to devote themselves to climb a step higher, but those most important things are disposed of. Successful people know how to set priorities rationally so that what is most important in the daily schedule often takes first place.

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Stop for a while

How To Be Successful

What modern man has often forgotten is to stop and rest. To achieve satisfaction, a man needs to rest, relax and release of stress. They are essential for a proper nutrition and physical activity. Therefore, stop, to give yourself the opportunity to enjoy life.


A cautionary tale

One evening, after a hard day at the office, one father was resting and reading the newspaper. Wanting to play, the son was constantly bothering him. Finally, when he got tired, the father snatched the picture of the globe from the newspaper and tore it up into small pieces. “Here you go son, attempt to put together the image of the world,” he said, hoping that this will occupy the boy long enough that he can finish reading the newspaper.

To his amazement, after only five minutes, the son returned with a perfect assembled picture of a globe. When the astonished father asked him how he achieved this, the son said: “Dad, on the other side of the image was the image of a man. It is easier and faster to put together a man. And when I assembled the man, and the world was all right too.”

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Stay active

How To Be Successful

Habits that lead to success oblige us to be active. In the first place, we should discard the belief that there are individuals who are destined for success or failure and we must take responsibility. Then follows the definition of goals. Try to tie a scarf over your eyes and to hit the target carved in wood by an arrow. You will not succeed. Why? Because you cannot see the target.

Know at any moment where you are, where you are heading and how much you still lack success

You must, of course, be brutally honest with yourself and try to follow regularly the progress in achieving the goals. If you do not know how well you do and how you progress, you will not change your strategy and behavior on time. Successful people do not delude themselves.

Result rarely comes overnight. In most cases, it is the result of lengthy, laborious process, from day to day.

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