Snapchat is a social network that best reflects the most ordinary conversations “face to face.” It can be viewed through the prism of precious moments, such as travel, conversation, celebrations, family moments… Or as everyday actions that are short in duration and become memories. Life moments become just a Snap – which disappears. They come to us naturally as well as the love of using this application.

A Snapchat app for sharing multimedia content that will disappear soon after you read has a bad reputation. It is because of the prevailing world opinion that it only serves for the exchange of provocative photos. Like other services, the essence is photographing or filming a short video clip (10 seconds). You can share your content with friends so that the content can be seen only once after opening. You can take a picture with short and video recording with a long pressing on the circle which is in the lower part of the panel.

After you have created the content, you can write text or draw something on it. Finally, specify the duration of the content, which means that once when your friend opens that content, he will not be able to see it again. Click the arrow and select the recipient and the content will send to the recipient. Further, on them is when they will open the content and whether it will provide the answers to your Snapchat.

Snapchat, like most others social media applications, offers an easy function to block anyone who annoys you. And it is a handy option, especially if many people annoying you and with whom you would not like to share or receive any kind of content.

If you are interested in which way you can block someone in Snapchat…


Here’s How You Block Someone on Snapchat

  1. The first step is to open the Snapchat application on your phone. The blockade option is only possible by the Snapchat application and not by a website.
  2. On the lower right corner of the screen in the Snapchat application is the drop-down menu. When you click on this button will open a list of friends.
  3. By scrolling through the list of friends you can find and select the person that you want to block.
  4. By clicking on the name of a friend you want to block, it will show the three options. On the iOS as well as on Android devices, the third option is “Block”. Click on the Block button to block the annoying person.
  5. When you get back to your friend list, you will see that the person which you have blocked has a big red LOCKED icon above her name.
How to block someone on snapchat

A user of Snapchat, however, has the right to add to your contact list, even if you are not aware of such actions. If you do not know where they add or simply do not want to share photos with them, you can block that person too. Keep private your Snapchat history following a couple of straightforward and efficient steps.


How to block a user who joined you

1 Step: When you receive a notification that some person wants to add you to his contact list, select the option I Added.

2 Step: Go to the aggregate list and find the name of the person.

3 Step: Once you find the name of this person, touch the gear icon you’ll see that appears on the right side of the name.

4 Step: Click the option of blocking and detain this person to may send more snaps or view your history.

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People will not receive notifications that are already on your block list. They will understand that you blocked them when they check their contact list – your name will not appear there. In addition, once you block someone, your activity will stop showing the power of the other person.

Snapchat keeps the history of all individuals who have been blocked, which can be a useful feature for fixing errors… The full list of individuals who have been blocked Snapchat with the time that is available in the configuration panel. It is a handy tool if you want to unlock some of your contacts or has blocked a friend by mistake.

To view the list of blocked contacts, tap the gear icon that is in the upper right corner of your profile. You’ll get a drop-down menu. Go to Account Actions and choose Locked. This way you will see a list of all Blocked Snapchat users. Pressing the X sign, which immediately unblocks people, allowing them to send the texts and images again.

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