How to Calm The F Down when You Get Really Angry

How to Calm The F Down when You Get Really Angry

Anger is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.

When you are in anger, you always lose.

You lose your precious relationship with your colleagues, you can lose your job, or you can lose a match. You are always on a losing side.

Who can forget Zidane Headbutt in 2006 World cup final vs Italy? France lost the world cup because of this incident.

When you are in anger, it not only destroy you but it also destroys the person who is with you.


Think Before You Speak

Tips To Manage Your Anger
Think before you speak, this statement is not as easy as it looks.

Implementation of this statement is very difficult in our daily lives.

When someone arrives late, we get angry & we start screaming at them without trying to know the actual reason. Think for a minute before you speak especially in anger.

This can save you from thousand of regrets in the future.

Before you say something in anger, just assume how you’d feel if someone said the same to you.

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Don’t Say Anything Until You’re Calm

Usually, in anger, we always speak things that will hurt the other person.

When you are in anger try to calm down first, and then say anything.

I know it’s kinda difficult but it’s not impossible.

A person who can control his or her own body is the most influential person in today’s world.

One of the best lessons you can ever learn is to master yourself how to remain calm.

Your hands can break someone’s jaw, but your tongue can break someone’s heart.

So keep calm!


Immediately change the surrounding

Tips To Manage Your Anger
When you are in anger, change your surrounding as quickly as possible.

It will change your mood immediately. This technique is quite useful & most helpful.

Scientifically, our body is comfortable at 37-degree Celsius. So next time you are in anger switch on your AC, it will change your mood.

Going outside to the park can also help.

Anger last only for 10-15 minutes, but what you say during those 10 minutes can last forever.

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Try To Contact Your Friends

Try to contact your friends when you are in anger. And you will realise you are actually a good person when your friends will motivate you.

You are not wrong it’s the people that you are with is wrong.

Instead of shouting at them when they did you wrong learn to keep calm. Always love those individuals who hate you. 

If you love someone who loves you it’s normal but when you love someone who doesn’t like you then you are an exceptional person.

A true friend walks in when everyone else walks out.


Think About The People You Enjoy Time With

When in anger reflect on the people you enjoy time with. Reflect on your achievements it will make you feel-good about yourself.

Call your best friends & tell them the reason for your angry, they will give you the best solution.

Talk with your family & spend time with them.

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Other Ways to Calm Down

Tips To Manage Your Anger
Listen to Music.

Read your favourite book.

Watch your favourite movie again & again. Go for an outing.

Always remember, you will always lose something when you are in anger.

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