How to Cut People Out Of Your Life

How to Cut People Out Of Your Life

Regardless of whether it is a family member, a colleague from work, friend or even completely unknown man, an encounter with a negative person can be emotionally exhausting. Here’s how to protect yourself… Villains may act differently for us – some of us are angry, some feel sad, sometimes feel that we are fully discharged energy.

This does not have to be that way. As there are different reasons why a person is negatively oriented, mood and even “electrically charged”, and to us are available various means by which we can protect ourselves from the negativity.

The well-known thesis that our thoughts are responsible for our reality will help you to view the villains in a different light. Think: Are their negativity draining your energy or you allow them to affect you?

The less you allow their negativity to affect you, you will experience it less, and you will be less attracted to them.

Below, we will present a few types of people that you should get out of your life and the ways in which you have to do:


The one who has doubts about your dreams

How to Cut People Out Of Your Life

These are the people who always rolls their eyes when you mention that you want to do singing, dancing, run your own business or get any other life wish. This friend will immediately (pessimistic) explain that you are wasting your time, will advise you to be “realistic” and forget those ideas.

Keep in mind that, people who are afraid to make a move in their life, they must bring into question your courage. Refuse to succumb to their doubts and learn to ignore them. In the long term, it is best to set a boundary between yourself and these people. Otherwise, when you have difficult times, it is easy to think that their statements are true, and you’ll catch yourself giving up on your passions and dreams.


Manipulative former partner

You still love that person. You thought that you’ll spend your whole life with her/him, and now it is more than obvious that you have not been quite right. But, you still cannot completely get to distance yourself from him/her. You are broken, and that person is still calling you to tell how was its day, visits you and when she/he should not, and sends a hidden message from all sides that only you two understand. Even worse, affect the children’s  opinion about you and tells them that everything is wonderful. But when you try to talk about whether there is hope for a common future, he/she looks at you like “how can you ask me that.”

You need to separate, both physically and mentally, however, painful can be. It will be easier to grow a mature friendship when you totally get over that person. Do not let the supreme manipulator that with its skillful words and deeds make you longing for the relationship for which you know very well that it is long over. For your own good, put such a person in the right position and at the right distance. This will open you a new door to a happy and independent life to a new person who will appreciate you and not manipulate you to feed his ego.

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The “smart” one

“You are not good at anything” or “Too bad you have no idea ….”. These and similar statements are just a few examples of the “wisdom” of a smart one who cannot restrain himself in the comments. This person will claim that he/she is joking, but its declaration will be full of degrading statements that will surely beat you when you have a bad day.

These kinds of people you can freely delete completely from your life because they simply do not deserve your attention. Say goodbye to their negativity and give a welcome to the person who upgrades you, who knows how to crack a joke or who is not exceeding limits of taste.

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The one who stabs you in the back

How to Cut People Out Of Your Life

You surely know who is this “friend.” Beside him, you do not need enemies. This is a person who has viciously gossiping mutual friends, acquaintances or family. Do not join her/him in the mission of gossiping because it is very likely that he/she works this to you, behind your back. Do not be naive and think that such a person is only sincere with you. If he/she speaks bad about the others, it must be able to speak badly about you behind your back.


The liar

This is a person who is lying as open her mouth and avoids being sincere no matter how much you encourage her, to be honest. With this person, you will have to “break up” and get off enough to give them a chance to feel that have lost you. You may also realize that a change needs to happen and that the truth has to become part of their life, or they will lose all their friends.

Do not justify selfish lies, bravely turn back to such a person and be sure that you are doing the right thing.

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Negligent friend

This is the person with whom you know you can expect a good time and fun but also you know that you will subsequently be disappointed because of all that was said and done. This friend is always tending towards reckless, degrading and even morally bad behavior. And as long as you enjoy the moment and you like to see this person from time to time, limit that friendship. Be careful what you say to this person and what you’re getting into with her/him if were just a random accessory to her adventures.

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“Me and only me” friend

How to Cut People Out Of Your Life

This person draws your energy, and sometimes perhaps finances. In this relationship you just give and give and not get anything in return. All the attention, conversations, everything, is directed only at her. And you use up all your reserves of strength, and you think that you owe something to this person.

Friendship is a two-way street, and if your friend does not notice or refuses to help when you need, it’s time to say goodbye to these individuals. You will feel refreshed and renewed when you do.

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The pessimists

Life is full of pain and difficult moments, but one thing you should never lose is hope. The hope that tomorrow will be better, that you will find a better job, you’ll achieve your goals, etc. A pessimist who always sees the glass half-empty will be proud to declare that it is only realistic.

The fact is that no one has ever made history because it was a realist, but because he believed, hoped and worked at the finish. People who have succeeded in life have tried, missed, grappled with the pain and then find strength in hope for a better future, and that is what has made the difference.

Pessimists do not have to cut completely out of your life, but say goodbye to their negative mood and take everything he says with a pinch of salt. Know that you know better and that hope always wins.


We should not forget that it is our choice how we respond to the villain. If someone tells us something negative, discouraging and even humiliating, the first impulse is to get angry, be hurt and even feel hatred towards that person. All these negative reactions may enhance the actions of the villain. Even if you do not respond verbally, our body and the energy you emit and receive allow negativity influence on our psyche.

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