How to Deal With Those Difficult Relatives?

How to Deal With Those Difficult Relatives?

Do you get super annoyed every time your distant aunt comes to visit your family and keep bragging about how great her kids are doing in life? This might even make you feel like a loser in front of your parents as in that particular moment their competitive analysis begins.

No matter how harsh and true the situation is, the reality must be told…

No one in this world has an option to choose their family members. So, you will have to accept everyone who are part of your family. You will have to deal with all of them at any cost. But if you are in this kind of situation, then you will want to know how to deal with this kind of family members or relatives.

This kind of difficult relatives or family members can be anyone like your very dominating mother-in-law, very irritating cousins, manipulative father-in-law and many others. All you can do with them, even after knowing that they are difficult to handle is, just to deal with them.

So, if you have any of this kind of relatives, then here are a few tips on how to deal with them effectively.


Plan ahead

How to Deal With Those Difficult Relatives

Whenever you feel like you had an awful experience with any of your relatives, then you will have to think for a few minutes this time before you go ahead and talk to them.

Think what was the situation actually in the past and what made them unpleasant. This way, you will be able to decide what to talk and what not to talk, or at least the same things that you spoke last time.


Think well before you say it

There can be certain questions where you are just showing your interest and concern for them. But that same simple question can be really irritating for your relatives like if you ask them when are you going to get married, when will you plan your kids, why have you not quit drinking yet, why have you not quit smoking yet, why don’t you find a good job for yourself, can you really afford it and anything like this.

This may be your way of showing love, but that can make someone irritating.

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Avoid alcohol or drink just little

How to Deal With Those Difficult Relatives

When you start drinking, it may seem to be fun, but when you continue drinking, you are going to lose control over how much you are drinking, and that will make you lose control over yourself. This is when you start talking all rubbish and end up with messing up something really important.


Do not forget your traditions

When you are with the entire family and relatives are around you, then you will have to make sure that you are playing your part of the traditional role in the celebrations. Some families give a lot of importance to the traditions and hence you should not ignore them.

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It may not be about you always

How to Deal With Those Difficult Relatives

When you had a bad experience with someone in the family, then when you face the same person again that may be an awkward situation. Even when the other person is saying something in general, that will seem like it is about you only.

It is not going to be just about you always. So, you need not have to worry or take it in a different way when you face them or when they say something in general.

Do not try to relate everything to yourself.


Be direct but calm

When you are having some problem with any person in your family, and if you think that it is going too much, then you can talk to them directly.

Yes, but you will have to calm and help them understand what is creating a problem for you. Maybe, that it was not intentional and happened all of a sudden and that made you think differently.

So, when you talk to each other directly and calmly, you will be able to solve a lot of problems for sure.

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Try to interact with them

How to Deal With Those Difficult Relatives

When you think that things are not working with any of your relatives, then you cannot just ignore them. They are your family, and you will have to learn to deal with them.

So, the best way would be to interact with them to understand what actually they are. This way you will be able to get into a good relationship with that person.


None of these tips are tough. So, you can try them next time when you have a family gathering, and you are sure that, that problematic relative is going to be part of the gathering.

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