How to Embrace Healthy Habits When Everyone Around You Hasn’t

How to Embrace Healthy Habits When Everyone Around You Hasn’t

Once you decide that you’re done with overindulging in cupcakes and going for fast food instead of a home-cooked meal, you face a whole slew of challenges that come with the territory. As if this massive lifestyle change isn’t complex and difficult enough, there are people all around you who make this quest even more burdensome, unnecessarily so.
They, however, should never be your excuse to drop your new health goals. When you feel stuck, tempted to yield to your cravings, or punch someone in the face for encouraging you to go back to your unhealthy habits – let the following tips be your guide to keep calm and stay on the right track!


Build a support system

How to Embrace Healthy Habits When Everyone Around You Hasn’t

Unsurprisingly, studies show that we “pick up” our eating habits from our parents, and they tend to be well-set by the time we turn five. It’s easy to deduce that those around us shape our behavior, especially when we’re still very malleable, but this lasts through our entire lives. If we’re surrounded by people who enjoy heathy, diverse food, chances are that we will do the same. However, when our environment fails us, we can look for outside support.

Working with a personal trainer or with a gym buddy adds accountability to the process, and in the first scenario, you’ll have a reliable source of guidance and motivation, too. Consulting a nutritionist can help you make better decisions, while visiting the doctor to have your annual checkup may serve as a wake-up call to reclaim your health.


Expect vulnerabilities

No matter how mighty your willpower is or how structured your system may be, there will be a birthday, an anniversary, or some other special occasion that will have you cornered with unhealthy munchies, loads of alcohol, or immersed in cigarette smoke. You know when to expect these situations, so brace yourself for them, and do your best to anticipate the right move.

A woman who wanted to switch to raw food only brought her own home-made cake for her friend’s birthday, because she knew she wouldn’t be able to eat the one served at her place. There’s nothing rude about it; in fact, you’re inviting others to have a taste of something new, and you’ll be able to enjoy in your own, healthy way.

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Stay true to the plan

How to Embrace Healthy Habits When Everyone Around You Hasn’t

Habits require structure, hence the need to choose the most suitable path for your particular situation. Although there are rough guidelines for eating healthy we can all abide by, if you want to truly reshape your lifestyle and find a permanent solution, then a temporary diet will not serve your purpose.

For example, unlike many fad diets out there, solutions such as the ONE3ONE program are tailored to your own, specific needs. Healthy living is not about finding a cookie-cutter solution that will leave you feeling hangry and drained. It’s about finding the right balance that suits you, and you alone, because we are all different, so naturally we have different needs and preferences. Add structure to your health journey, and it will become not just a temporary chase, but a permanent mindset.


Monitor your milestones

Every now and then, you’re likely to find yourself feeling as if you hit a wall, especially if you still haven’t come across understanding and support from your close friends in your new pursuits. In order for your endeavor to make sense down the road, make sure to keep track of your success. Apps such as FitBit help you see your progress in numbers so that you can put your improvements in perspective.

When you feel down, perhaps you can skim through your achievements thus far and use them as a spark of motivation to keep going. Keep track of your goals every day, but also weekly, monthly, and annually. After all, it takes time to build true habits, so give yourself the encouragement to persevere.

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Reclaim control over your actions

How to Embrace Healthy Habits When Everyone Around You Hasn’t

Above all, you’ll need to learn to say no, both to people and to experiences that will hinder your progress. Sometimes, that might mean you’ll see less of your friends who don’t share your enthusiasm for your goals, because they might not be ready to compromise in order to give you the support you need.

Spend time with people who actually support you. Even if they don’t share the same goals with you, they will be happy to see you succeed. Say no to toxic people, and when you feel tempted to cheat on your new lifestyle, summon the strength to say no – it’s a character-builder as well as the road to a permanent change.

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