You feel lonely, or you don’t know how to get closer to a girl? Then it’s time to change the strategy, develop tactics, equip yourself with the necessary knowledge, and start the action from which you do not return without war booty. Basically, no matter how modern it is today, finding a soul mate is quite easy, if you pay attention to a few things…



How to Get a Girlfriend

First of all, do not even look for her. Repeat that to yourself until you make yourself believe in what you are saying. Maybe it sounds illogical to you now, but when girls “smell” that you are looking for a girlfriend, they will think that you will take whatever you are offered. Think about your criteria and expectations. Be realistic, watch what you can provide and then set some limits.



Change the strategy

Hang out. Get out of the house and hang out. The more and do so with more people. Yes, get out, communicate, and as much as you can – make jokes. Of course, in terms of taste and competence. You will surely say: I do not have anything to talk to her – Force yourself! Find some time! Remember that when women are concerned, it’s never the way it looks! The big plus of socializing is that a good friend can very easily invite you to join him in getting out with a friend and her friends. The chance for surprise is higher.

Don’t think much about what others are like, trying to provoke them, to prove them, to analyze them, to hit their weak points, try to catch or record some of their flaws. Because, of course, we all have them. You and me, and everyone else, so it’s no wonder if you come across something that you don’t like about someone. Don’t judge anyone; you will not act anything more desirable or masculine except that you will give the impression of a person with narrower views. Accept them as they really are.

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How to Get a Girlfriend

Would you like to prove yourself instantly in all the things in which you predominate from others and show that you are the right choice? Wait, there will be moments for this, you don’t have to do everything right now, it will act invading and send the wrong message from the one you should. We all know that real masters never boast about their skills, but at the right moment, they conduct it.




Listen to what others have to say. No matter how tricky it sounds to you, try to listen to people better. So you will get to know them, and it’s very possible that someone will like to meet you. Be patient. Don’t interrupt her while she talks, no matter how bored you are. Look her in the eyes, and at least if you are not interested in the fact that the current story doesn’t necessarily mean that she will always keep talking about it. Try to start a topic for which you know that you can talk both equally. Trick: If it’s just a tricky story, reverse it for your own benefit. Look her in the eyes and try to remember the color of her eyes, or the shape itself.

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Where to look for?

How to Get a Girlfriend

Forget about chat, internet, SMS, or some other alternative way. Although they can be successful, direct access to the history of humankind has always been the best. Look better around you. Is there any woman in your wider environment who has attracted you several times? A friend of your friend? This is the best way, always thanks to your friend you have the advantage of knowing more about her. To get to know what she loves as soon as possible, as well as the way to get closer to her.

Let’s emphasize once again: Forget about looking for a girl. It’s better to think you want to spend a good time with anyone who has the same thoughts as you. A great success is, even if you get some new acquaintances who could later be a connection to your dream girl.

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