How To Get Your EX Girlfriend Back Permanentely

By Akshay

Broke up with your girlfriend few weeks ago, but want her back now? Ya, you want to know how to your ex girlfriend back permanently and you don’t need to lie about that. You think a simple dinner plan would do the work, but its a completely a wrong assumption.

It is never late to rekindle with your ex and If you really want to get back with your ex GF you need to have a next-level plan that is sure to change her mind. How you convince her to get back with you, is totally dependent on you. However, here are some tips that will definitely help you to get her back in the least possible time.

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Permanentely

#1 Message her

The best way to talk to your ex girlfriend after a break-up is through a text message. Directly calling her up won’t help much in this case.

Just send her a short message that contains some of good memories together. If reply backs with enthusiasm she is definitely still onto you. Remember, your absence might have made her heart grow fonder; or may even cause her to seek out another man.


#2 Don’t Rush

You both were very good friends once, but that doesn’t mean that you will directly get in to talks you once had. That would just make her think that you are not really interested for a relationship. You also don’t need to ask her to move together. Just a casual meet is fine. Moving-in together will give a red flag to your girl.


#3 Call her

If you were able to accomplish both steps with success, its time for the third move now (calling her up). Wait, what if you don’t have her number now? In this case, ask her to go for a dinner or concert of her favorite band with you. You can ask for her number, so that you can contact her before getting along. Seems Easy? Well, it is. Anyways, lets get back to the point.

While calling her up, try your best to register the most sincere effort. (Note: Accepting your invite, doesn’t mean that is onto you!)

If you feel that she is not really ready to get back with you, just don’t beg for it! Cats appear cute while begging, but unfortunately we are humans and we don’t look as cute as them. If she is interested, she will be back at the right time. If not, let her go… You have lost your chances!


#4 Say What You Feel

She accepted your date too? Its time for your fourth move. Be careful on how you present your feelings, if you don’t do it, you will miss a great chance. Before, erupting in your feelings, ask everything about her – how’s she doing, how’s her dog, neighbors, jobs, friends, blah blah blah.

After you are over with her talks, just say how much you missed her while she wasn’t around. Make every move to make her feel that you really missed her with all your heart and you want her back now.

Just focus on the positive sides, you don’t need to remind her of old wounds, lest will miss your chance.


5# Make the move

If everything is going fine, she is most probably into you. You need to  make the move just at the right time so that no one replaces your part while you are still figuring out how to say. If you did something wrong, make serious apology for it.

Even if it was her, who was wrong. You need to take the blame on yourself. Seriously, women don’t believe that they might be wrong. Apologize and ask to get back with you as you are sincerely sorry for what you did and cannot live anymore without her. Most probably, the odds will be on your side.


#6 Use the Friends circle

For most girls, relationship isn’t only about Me & You. They want you to care about their friends circle too. Create happy memories by getting on outings with your mutual friends. But, make sure they don’t prevent you from talking with each other while you are on a outing.

That said, you are already able to get back your ex girlfriend by now, and you both will have a much better and strong relationship than before. Just don’t make your previous mistakes again. If you are damn serious about the relationship, the next tip is for you!



#7 Get her a ring

Caution: Don’t do this until and unless you are very serious about your girlfriend. Girls take these things very seriously and if you are just doing this to set a cool impression, you are towards your biggest mistake.

Well, there’s a positive side of this too, if she is interested she will accept the ring whole-heartily, if not, you are just friend-zoned and you need to forget her as a girlfriend. No woman wi ever have romance with you, if its not moving her forward…