When chaos occurs, you are always left off balance but there are only a few who pick themselves up before it’s too late. There are those who are left wondering how they ended up in the situation or how will they move on. While time doesn’t wait for them and boom, it’s been three years and you are still disheveled. Sometimes controlling our life could be very difficult but it is not impossible. Rather, you need to be strong emotionally to keep yourself away from any negative that your mind invades and keep moving forward to a happier place. Here are some advises on how you can put your life together when you cannot figure out even a single way.


Be honest with yourself.

Things to Do to Get Your Life Together

Often when we are in a dilemma, we come up with excuses to blame others for everything wrong that happened. But the truth is, you must introspect and take responsibility for your own actions. Think about what you could have done right as then you will realize that your life is always in your control and not someone else’s. If someone else gave you a wrong opinion, it was you who took it. You will not feel helpless this way, and it would be easier for you to move on.


Let go of what you can’t change.

Sometimes things happen to us, which are not in our control, yet they create havoc in our life. But, hey, what can you do about that? Would over-analyzing the situation change what happened? No. And you need to tell yourself that bad things happen to everyone around the world, yet people pick themselves up from the rock bottom and let go of what they have no control on. Rather think of things that you can change and which you must.

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You cannot change other people as well.

If you are affected by what people are doing around you and it’s been bothering you, don’t obsess about it. Their karma is definitely going to come back and bite them on their ass. You can talk to them and tell them how you feel, but other than that, there is nothing you can do. And hey, it’s not your duty to change people around you. You have got enough things in yourself to change.

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What makes you happy?

Things to Do to Get Your Life Together

There is one thing or the other that rejuvenates us when we do it. It makes us feel happier and content. You must try to understand what it is so that you can indulge in it. It is your duty to make yourself happy and not others. So think about what you can do by yourself instead of blaming others for your sadness. Also, it should be realistic. Not something like “I will be happy only if I travel the world for six months.” Hey, if you have money and time for it, of course, grab your bags and do it, because who are you waiting for?


Every experience changes us.

when you are trying to move forward after a tragedy, you might try to be the same person who you were before it happened, but guess what? Save yourself from that pressure! You have changed and every experience changes us. Just like we are not the same people we were during our teenage years. It is okay to be different as in a lot many ways, we are always better in some or the other way.

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Put yourself first.

It might not be a lifetime motto for you as you might be one of those “empathetic” people who always consider others before taking a step, but when you are at a disturbing stage in your life, you must put yourself before anyone else. Cut out the negative people in your life and avoid being in the company of those who bring out the worst in you. Rather be with them who see the best in you and want the best for you. Learn to say no as it is the only way you can find times for things, you want to do.

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Make positive health changes.

Things to Do to Get Your Life Together

If you take good care of yourself by having a healthy lifestyle, you will feel more in control day by day. Quit smoking, cut back on alcohol and start having fresh fruits. Start cooking, start reading and take a walk first thing in morning. These small things will make a great deal in helping your move forward in life. So, all the best!

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