Women are by default mysterious and often difficult to understand. However, that is part of their beauty and what makes them so interesting and intriguing to men. Women have a specific way of thinking, which is very different from that of their male counterparts. They are intelligent, strategic and usually big over-thinkers.

What happens then when a woman falls under a man’s spell? How does she act towards someone she likes? How does she show her affection? What are some sure ways for you to know that a woman is interested in you? While it is largely considered girl code, not to share our secrets, men need to know these signs, as they can often be very subtle and hard to read. A woman may have feelings for you, and yet you could be completely blind to the fact, despite her hints.

So, here are twenty signs, you can look for and count on when wondering whether a girl likes you but is hiding it.


1. She’ll ask about your family

How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It

Women are creatures of nurture and family is a very important part of most women’s lives. If a woman is interested in you, she will, without a doubt want to know more about your family and the way you grew up. This is important to her because, despite the initial attraction, she is looking for a man, who she’s compatible with. In her head, she will be thinking whether your family would like her, whether her family will like yours and vice-versa.


2. She’ll try to get close to your friends

This is integral. If you notice a woman, trying to cozy up to your friend group, she definitely has some interest in you. She can use her closeness to your friends to get more information about you, as well as access. If she becomes part of that friend group, she’ll be more likely to see you often and interact with you. Also, by getting into your friends’ good graces, she is likely to get into yours too.


3. Her friends will try to get close to you

Her friends will also try to get to know you. They would have been instructed to look for signs of compatibility, as well as signs that you also have feelings for her. If you are out together, her friends may keep a watchful eye on you – how many times do you look at her, while she is not looking, are you flirting with other women and how are you reacting to her flirting with you.


4. She’ll try to engage in physical contact

A slight brush on your shoulder. A subtle touching of her leg to yours. A slight brush of her hand against yours. These are all signals a woman is interested in you. But they are also a test on whether you may also share the feeling. Body language experts claim that we are only comfortable touching someone we like. So if she engages in physical contact and you don’t move or fidget, that is a sign, you are comfortable around her.


5. She’ll cheer you on

When a woman likes you, she’ll be your biggest cheerleader! She will show her support for your work or hobbies, she will encourage you and compliment you on your successes. Additionally, women know that they have to stroke a man’s ego from time to time, in order to make him like them.


6. When you feel hurt, she’ll feel hurt

Women are very empathetic. But when someone they have feelings for is hurting, their empathy goes to another level. Whether you are in physical or emotional pain, she will be there for you, offer advice and display her ability to care.


7. She’ll always look put together around you

A woman who likes you will not be caught dead not looking good around you. You can count on her hair being done, her clothes carefully picked and her make-up done, so that it showcases her best features. If she is attracted to you, she will want to appear attractive in front of you.


8. She’ll try to make you laugh

A woman who likes you will definitely try to get you to like her. Showing off her sense of humor and making you laugh is a way for her to establish a positive relationship with you and create good memories.


9. She’ll be provocative around you

Sexuality is important to women and showcasing her confidence is one sure way to attract a man’s attention, and she knows this. So, if a woman is acting playful around you, this is a sure sign that she likes you.


10. You’ll likely run into her (“by accident”)

How To Know If A Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It

If a woman likes you, she will look for every opportunity to get close to you. So don’t be surprised if she suddenly starts frequenting places, where she is likely to run into you. Bars, restaurants and clubs are perfect for the occasional run-in.


11. She’ll use every opportunity for contact (holidays, birthdays, etc.)

If a woman likes you, you can definitely expect her to try and contact you as much as possible. However, she doesn’t want to seem desperate and text you all the time. This is why holidays are the perfect opportunity to begin a conversation. It is not only a nice gesture to wish you a Merry Christmas but it also shows that you are on her mind.


12. She’ll invite you out

This more of a bold sign, as women usually like to be the one invited out, not the other way around. But if she likes you, she will want to spend more time with you. So, casually suggesting to grab a cup of coffee or to join her at a party is not out of the question. It is not her directly asking you out on a date but her signaling her interest in you.


13. She’ll want to know everything about you

A woman who likes you is sure to have done her research on you. Again, she is looking for signs of compatibility in the long term, but also she also knows that by showing interest towards you, she is making you feel important, and most men love that.


14. She’ll engage with your interests

She usually doesn’t care about football, formula one or whatever video game you are obsessed with. However, when a woman likes you, she will show interest in your hobbies. This will give her an opportunity for further communication with you and can open doors to spending time together in the future.


15. She’ll try to make you jealous

This is a sneaky trick, but a woman who is trying to get your attention will make sure you know that she has other men’s attention. It is an instinct for a man to chase, and she knows it. By showing you that someone else likes her, she may be provoking you to show your interest towards her.


16. She’ll try to get you drunk

This is another sneaky trick, but if a woman likes you and has no idea how you feel about her, she will try to get you to show it in some way. Alcohol lowers our inhibitions, so getting a drink or two or three together, might be the perfect opportunity for her to test the waters on how you feel about her.


17. She’ll initiate eye contact

Similarly to engaging in body language, this is another trick to see how you will react to her interest in you. According to specialists, if you hold eye contact for more than three seconds, you are comfortable with each other and enjoy each other’s presence.


18. She’ll engage with your social media

In this day and age, this one is a no brainer. If a woman likes you, you can also count on her liking your Instagram pictures and checking your stories.


19. She’ll look at your lips

This is her signaling that she wants to kiss you. Biting or licking her lips, will also draw your attention towards her and is another sure sign that she is thinking about a kiss.


20. She’ll play with her hair

This is something that she won’t be doing on purpose. When a woman likes you, she may feel slightly anxious around you. Playing with her hair has two-fold impact: it calms her down but also directs your attention to her face. It is a calming but also flirtatious gesture.



1. Why are women so secretive about their feelings?
Women don’t want to appear easy to men, even if they like them. Women know that men like the chase, which is why they will be subtle when showing their interest.

2. A woman has been displaying some of these signs and I think she may like me. What do I do?
If you like her as well, first engage in flirtation and see if her signals get stronger. Then, simply ask her out and spend more time together, getting to know each other.

3. What if a woman is displaying these signals but I don’t like her back?
In this case, the best thing to do is be direct. Try to engage in conversation about your relationship and relay to her that you’d just like to be friends.

4. I like a girl but I am too scared to ask her out directly. What can I do to show her I have feelings?
These signs and signals can go both ways! Use them to test the waters and see if she shares your feelings, and to subtly show her you like her.