9 Easy Ways To Make A Good First Impression

9 Easy Ways To Make A Good First Impression

You don’t have to be the smartest or the most attractive, or finest to make a mark on the people you get to know. There are women who have all these qualities in a natural way. But, we have those who have to work on some skills to make us memorable.

No matter whether it is a job interview or a potential pickup, here we leave nine tips to make all the people you meet remember you with a positive impression:


Be nice

be nice

The best way to be charming is to make someone smile, feel happy or admired. Immediately, people will return the same feelings. Try to make a compliment that sounds authentic. If you cannot find anything good to say, do not press. The idea is to see that you are super nice in an original way.


Have balanced conversations

This means that you listen as much as you speak. A balanced conversation is that both people interact and participate by sharing views. Talking with a person who does not stop talking or one who never thinks is something that everyone wants to avoid.

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Dress as you want them to remember you

dress well

Depending on the people or the environment you go to, you must choose the perfect outfit that leaves the best impression. If you go to meet your in-laws wear something formal and low cut. If you go to a bar wearing a flirtatious dress leaves a little to the imagination. And if you go to a job interview wear a very elegant pants. The idea is that you dress according to the occasion.


Show interest

A great way to make a good impression is to show yourself interested in the life of the person you get to know. Beware, since the line between showing interest and being nosy is very thin. Ask something to leave an impression that you want to know what the other person is doing. And if the occasion is right, ask him or her to show you something related to the conversation. For example, if you are talking with a photographer say something like “I would love to see your work someday”.

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Get closer to the people who seem more timid or isolated

Make A Good First Impression

If you want to meet new people, or you are in a group situation where you need to feel integrated, starting with people who are alone, quiet or isolated is a good option, since they are usually more willing to talk. They may be in the same situation as you or simply find it hard to integrate and be encouraged.


Contribute to the conversation

Try to contribute data or interesting facts to the conversation you are having, especially if it is a topic you know or care about. Now, it is not a question of becoming the know-it-all, nobody likes the proud people. But if you know some interesting data is good to share, you denote intelligence and you will be a person that people remember.

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Make eye contact

Make A Good First Impression

No matter who you’re talking to, always look straight into the eyes. For something they say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, in addition, keeping the gaze always high shows security in your person and interest in the other.


Offer your help

When we meet someone new and engage in conversation, there are common points. Finding out if there is anything you can do for this new acquaintance usually generates a climate of trust and kindness. For example, is there anyone you know who can offer the service they are looking for? Do you know anything that can solve a doubt or problem that he/she comment? Can you get in touch with someone who is interested in the other for some reason? For this, you have to be subtle. It is not about solving the other’s life, just to offer an option. Being useful is a great quality. But, without falling into servility, and much less in an attitude in which you make the other feel forced or pressured.

It is not about solving the other’s life, just to offer an option. Being useful is a great quality. But, without falling into servility, and much less in an attitude in which you make the other feel forced or pressured.

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Use your common sense

Make People Do What You Want

Knowing when to say goodbye is crucial to make a good impression. To do this, you have to be very attentive to the signals that the other gives. Such as a change in tone, yawning, looking away, etc. When you notice this it is time to finish what you are talking with a smile and say that the rest you will tell when you meet again.

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