How to Make Big Decisions Without Regrets

How to Make Big Decisions Without Regrets

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

– Robert Frost

Robert Frost must have faced a tough choice, where he took some decision which not many would have made. This, one of my favorite poems, is the story of every person’s dilemma when they have to decide on something crucial. We are all afraid as no one wants to regret that they did something wrong. I, on the other hand, believe life is all about our choices, and there is no right or wrong, but we need to make them right, once it’s made. Of course, we need to think through so we don’t end up with a huge mistake, so here are ways you can make decisions without regrets.


Follow the vision you have for your life.

How to Make Big Decisions Without Regrets

We always have a life vision in our eyes, and we always want our lives to be a certain way ten years down the lane, and if our decision is very important it might be making a difference to it. Thus, if we pick the way which brings us closer to our imaginative ways, it always ends up being a better side. While few people die to experiment in situations like these, few want to stick in the safety zone. And it’s all up to you. But, you might regret it later on if you move too far from that vision of yours.


Rethink about the positives and negatives.

Every decision has some pros and cons attached to it. It would be better if you make a list of those aspects and then, make a cautious choice. This will even help you make a practical choice, and you won’t simply go by your emotional side. When you weigh the pros and cons, your mind will become a bit more logical and realize if you could live with negative consequences of your decision.

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Call a friend.

How to Make Big Decisions Without Regrets

We all have a few friends who we immensely trust, and it would be okay to open up to them. They have similar mindsets as ours, and if we consider their opinions and judgments, we will attain clarity about our decision. They would better understand your motivations, feelings, and desires and help you out.


Breathe Deeply

All you need to do is retrospect by going to a quiet place. This way you will get in touch with your true self and what you really want. Meditation works way better in attaining wisdom, and even prayers can help you achieve a calmer state which will guide you on what you want. Pay attention to what your gut feeling says to you and stick to it. Let a few days, sleep on it and wake up with the fresh perspective, alright? Every day has new light and new ideas that you could bring to use.

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Use the coin trick.

How to Make Big Decisions Without Regrets

Often when you think there is a cloud in your head, and you cannot figure out what your heart wants, you could flip a coin and pick sides. Not because you are going to stick to the answer by the coin (and leave it on fate, duh) but because when the coin is in the air, you would know which side you want when it lands on the ground. Similarly, you can even let someone else pick fingers. You know the game right? You need to set what finger has which choice in your mind and then ask someone to pick one. When they pick something that you cringe on, you know the answer of your heart.


Do Research.

There are lots of people around you, and there might be someone who could relate to the difficulty you going through.  If in case you could also experiment with the decision, for example, spending a weekend in the city you are planning to move, you might be able to reach a conclusion if you have had a good time. Before taking the job, you could talk to the people who are already doing it and get an idea if you would be able to work accordingly.

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Never look back.

How to Make Big Decisions Without Regrets

This is an essential step as after you have made a decision, you must respect yourself enough to honour your choice and not look back. There are different paths in life, and each path presents us several opportunities and consequences which we could make our life on. But making a decision is something you can’t get away from as it is your life and you have to build it.

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