How to Make Yourself Sick

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Have you ever thought about pretending you’re sick for a day or two just to have some time off? You know you’re not going psychotic and want to make them believe that you are really sick. Just want to relax. Here you will see how to fake a sickness and this in a convincing way, you definitely have to work on it to cause some of the symptoms, because you will be more convincing this way.

Some of the most common symptoms of sickness are fever, cough, sneezing, sweating, loss of appetite, hoarseness, headache and so on… Here’s how you get some, or all of these symptoms.

While a fever can be a nasty experience, everyone does not hate it. This applies especially to some people who have a bunch of work obligations, so they do not want to go to work the next morning. Below are some steps on how to make yourself sick and to avoid going to work or school.

how to make yourself sick

How to get a fever and temperature

Expose your body to a big effort for a whole day; you can play football or doing some strenuous exercise.

Go home sweaty and drink as much as possible of hot tea, on the other hand, take less water. This is a good way to get the temperature.

1. Take a bath in warm water and try to make it a bigger steam.

2. After the bath, drink more hot tea and do not include air conditioning, instead of it, you can turn on the heater.

3. Stay up late at night to watch TV.

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4 For all the time, drink as much of hot tea or hot coffee in order to stay awake as long as possible.

5. Put on a thick sweater to keep you warmer.

Finally, you can go to bed around 3 in the morning and instead of one blanket, take five of them.

With this method, you are guaranteed to get a high temperature in the morning, high enough that you do not go to work, school or anywhere where you don’t want to go.

Keep in mind when you are doing this to make sure you are doing this in secret. God forbid that this gets out to your boss or parents.


A cough

make yourself sick with cough

To fake a cough in front of your boss, spouse, or if you are a student in front of your parents, you have to prepare for it in the preceding days. If you are a smoker, double the use of cigarettes, as many as you can in the shortest period. We must point out that this can impair your health as smoking is otherwise harmful to the body. This advice is only if you would do everything to get sick and thus avoid working day.

If you are a student, in the previous days, drink as much as possible cold beverages, especially after exercise when the body is already warmed. In this way, you will most probably cause several symptoms (fever, sore throat, hoarseness…) but you will surely ensure a well-known cough due to sickness.

Of course, if you’re a great actor, you can easily act out that cough and avoid the health impairment to achieve your goal. This is the best option.

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Faking headache

make yourself sick with headache

The easiest thing is to fake a headache because there is no way to verify whether this is so, or you are faking. Considering the fact that it is easy to fake a headache you do not even need to actually cause a headache, and honestly, we do not know how to get it. If necessary, spend some time on a dangerous draught or something like that, but it is unnecessary to do it to yourself.

So, to fake a headache, you have to fake also the hypersensitivity to light and external factors. Act out the pain and go to bed early, of course, before that, make sure you convinced everyone that you are not able to go tomorrow to work or to school.


Loss of appetite

make yourself sick with loss of appetite

This is also one of the major symptoms that must be accompanied by all other symptoms to fake a cold, fever and illness successfully. Simply refuse everything they offer you to eat, for sure you will catch a moment alone to insert a bite, if you cannot withstand hunger, but of course, making sure that in the front of others show a total lack of interest in food.



For hoarse voice, the best is that the night before you go to a party where you will be singing all night loudly so the next day you will have an entirely hoarse voice.

This tips should help you avoid a day at work or school, but you should know if you go too far with all this, you can be ill a few days more, and that certainly is not good.

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