Waking up every morning, do you feel all excited about the day that lies ahead of you? Or do you find it hard to drag yourself out of your bed every day? The difference between these two scenarios is the obvious lack of motivation in you. Most of the people we know just get through their daily work life in a mechanical manner with no proper involvement or attachment with the things that they do.


Why is Motivation Important for People?

Sometimes, ability and talent aren’t enough to get you across the line. We all need that driving force and extra push to make things happen and motivation does just that. Motivation helps us get over setbacks and to move forward towards newer goals and challenges in life.

Motivation is important to build the self-confidence in us and to make sure that we stay on track towards our goals and objectives. It gives us the self-belief that we can do anything we want to and helps us fight our fears and weaknesses.


How do you Motivate Yourself?

how to motivate yourself

So, you want to motivate yourself to go ahead and achieve the goals you dream to achieve? The first step is to get rid of all your fear and negative perspectives about the goals you have set for yourself. In your head, you should have the self-belief that you can definitely achieve it.

Next, you have to define your goal and draft a plan on what you are going to do to achieve it. This whole plan should be broken into small parts and you should set rewards for yourself for completing each stage in the whole process. These rewards should be enough motivation for you to keep moving forward towards your goal.

You should surround yourself with positivity and get rid of all distractions that don’t let you stay on course to your goal. It helps if you can associate with some like-minded people trying to achieve the same goals and objectives.

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Why are people around you Demotivated?

How To Motivate Yourself and Others

You would find that a good chunk of the people around you seems to be demotivated in life. This is often due to the wrong goals they have set for themselves and their lack of clarity about what they want to do with their life. And if their goals are too easy, the mere lack of challenges could make them demotivated. Also, things like loneliness and fear could turn people into demotivated beings.

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How do you Motivate Such People?

It is hard enough to motivate yourself to get things done and imagine trying to make that happen for the people around you too! To motivate others, the first thing you have to do is to be a good listener. You should have a clear idea about the goals they have and their ability to achieve it.

You can encourage them by reassuring them that you have confidence in their ability and skill. Give them a bit of responsible work to help them re-confirm their self-belief. Assist them in figuring out the first step they want to take towards their goal and help them in all possible ways that you can. Once they are motivated, do make sure that you follow up with them on a periodic basis.



In the simplest words, motivation is what makes things happen! It can give you all the positivity you need and make sure that you have the right attitude for achieving greater things in life. And, if you can help motivate people around you, it would help you to stay motivated too.

Motivate your peers to make sure that you stay motivated!

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