“Everything good for the children”. This rule always works when it comes to the relations between parents and their children. Children are getting bigger by leaps and bounds, so usually parents need to buy new T-shirts, pants, dresses or shoes in advance. Therefore, a demand for the kid clothing doesn’t reduce, and is increasing every year, together with a growth of birth rate.

As a kind of business, online children’s clothing store has wide and constant consumer demand and great promise for stable earnings. Currently, there is a wide range of the online children’s boutiques around. So is there an advantage to start a kids clothing business online or not?

Like any field of activity, which guarantees stable income, this niche has already been occupied by other kid clothing shops. If you have an offline kids clothing business, then it won’t be a problem for you to take your shop online. The only thing you need to do is just to create an online storefront, fill it with quality content and do a proper promotion. This will allow you to attract new customers and work effectively with the existing client base.

But if you are a new entrepreneur, task becomes more complicated. The competition on the market is huge and you can’t just start an online baby clothings store without a careful planning. What are the investments I need to make? How do I make visitors to buy my products? Do I need a warehouse or an office? All these issues need to be worked out if you are planning to create a serious and stable business that will live for many years.


online clothing store for babies

Online clothing stores for babies. Starting guide

Online kids store opening process is built on the same principles that can be applied to the other business spheres. Therefore, when developing a business plan, entrepreneur can use the well-known 4Ps concept: product, price, place, promotion.

Product. The first step is to choose type of children’s wear you will put on the online store. In addition, it is necessary to determine the volume of goods to be kept at the warehouse. To address these issues we need to:

  • Examine the clothes for children presented at competitors’ resources.
  • Analyze all the strong and weak sides of other online kid’s clothing stores. It is better to learn from their mistakes than to do them by yourself.

In any case, the range of choices primarily depends on your financial capabilities. Some stores offer a wide range of products for all ages, while others specialize in particular clothes for babies. Of course, the wider the range, the better. But if the startup is under a budget constraint, it is better to start only one kids boutique clothing line. And then, when it is possible, to expand the range and add new product lines.

Price. If you are doing online sales of children’s clothes, you shouldn’t seek for a possibility to give the lowest price possible. There will always be someone to offer the same product cheaper for a $1. Develop optimal pricing to ensure profitability of online business and adjust prices, give an effective discounts and implement bonus system. You can make a substantial discount for the first month, or for every hundredth of customer, or for a certain number of purchases, etc.

Place. The online children’s clothing store can do without a big warehouse. However, the office is the thing that needs to be considered in advance. You can combine a small office and a storage to accommodate large orders or to store goods temporarily (200 square feet will be enough). Once people know that they can pick up goods right from your office, they will understand that you are a reliable entrepreneur and you can be trusted.

But of course it is much more important to put high-quality photos of your products on the website and a more detailed product description. The description should be informative, complete and be able to attract a potential buyer’s attention. Take photos by yourself or find them on a supplier’s website. Be sure to implement the opportunity to scale an image, so the buyer can see all the clothing items in more detail. It is really important.

Promotion. Product promotion begins with the choice of the name of your store and the actual creation of a website. Online store name should be sonorous, memorable, challenging and pleasant for a buyers.

You can choose a name refereed to a fantastic hero (preferably positive), a name of the famous fairy tale, etc. Also you can generate awesome boutique name ideas using Getsocio Business Name Generator. With this application you can pick unique name for your own brand, it generates the best ideas for names in the network.


How to choose the right supplier for a children’s boutique online store

The process of choosing new products for online store is closely linked with the choice of suppliers. It is better to purchase products directly from the dealers. You can have one or more suppliers – it is your choice. Of course, by dealing with only one supplier you can significantly reduce the procurement price.

Each supplier has a discount scheme and he can give an individual price for you depending on the volume of purchases you make. But on the other hand, the multi-brand stores have always had an advantage over mono-brand stores, especially in an online business sphere.


Legal Registration of the online store

What about the legal registration of an online children’s clothing store? Depending on the state and the urgency of the order, the legal registration of the company in the United States will take an average of 2 to 5 working days. For registration companies need to provide:

  • 3 versions of the name.
  • Basic information about the founders.
  • Legal address.

In addition to the federal tax number of the company many prestigious banks require a social security number from an entrepreneur.


How to easily start a kids clothing line

Next, you should choose the way of online store creation. If you have sufficient finances, you can contact with the web studio, that will give you a turnkey solution. If you are on a budget, Getsocio ecommerce platform can help you to start selling clothing online. With the help of our platform you can easily and quickly create an online store and get an effective solution for your business. Here are the reasons why you should choose Getsocio:

  • Configuration flexibility in accordance with the online store owner requirements.
  • Effective storefront. Competent representation of products on the storefront will increase your sales. Management of the processes of editing and updating is convenient.
  • Our platform is supported on any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone).
  • Creating an online store worked out step by step. We provide full support at any stage of your online store development.
  • Administrative interface allows not only to enter data easily, but also to make all needed reports.
  • Ability to get a trial version of a platform for 14 days. This will allow you to better understand which plan will suit you the most.


Opening a clothing store is simple

The most important is to make your online store popular. Participate in charity events, organize a variety of original shares and contests, make seasonal and holiday discounts, look for new suppliers, make small design corrections. It is worth implementing of the feedback services, so that your customers can point out errors, and in return receive a discount on goods.

Never stand on the spot, improve yourself and your store. Remember that well organized and designed online children’s clothing store will always be profitable.


About the Author

Olga Veretskaya is a marketing journalist at Getsocio. She writes about online business strategies, marketing tips and also makes reviews of the e-commerce platforms. She keeps the company’s blog up-to-date publishing the articles about e-commerce world.

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